Monday, August 12, 2013

RECAP: Amazing Race Canada lands in Regina to take on Lentils, the RCMP and Rider Nation

Tonight on the Amazing Race Canada the teams headed from the Yukon to Regina.

There is some good old Canadian niceness going on at the beginning of the episode with the Bros leaving first and calling a cab for the Doctors. The favour is repaid when they get to the airport and the Doctors find out about an earlier connecting flight and they tell the Bros about it. Team work!

Once at the airport the earlier flight was full for the rest of the teams, but Hal and Joanne go off and try to get an earlier flight anyways. And, like they usually do, they figured out a way to get on the earlier flight. This pisses off the rest of the racers. Which I still don't understand. Why hate them for using their brains? Um, hello - it's a race.

Once they land in Regina they have to go to a lentil place and dig through trucks full of lentils and locate two small stuffed toys. The Doctors, Bros and Hal and Joanne all arrive at the same time. The Bros are the first ones to find the toys and are off.

The rest of the teams arrive with the Tims and the Sisters finding the toys next. The Brothers are still there hamming it out with Hal and Joanne and the Doctors.

The Doctors quitting the lentil challenge
Holly has a breakdown, as she usually does, and Brett says 'Holl, Holl' so many times its annoying sound is burned in my memory and will never leave. Eventually Holly says something about only having an hours sleep and wanting to take the penalty. Hal and Joanne see them leave and decide to take the penalty as well. The Brothers, because they are not idiots, decide to stick it out and find the toys.

The next challenge is at the RCMP barracks. One team member must replicate a cadet room to the smallest detail. It is here that we find out that Jet, the bigger Bro, is actually a police officer. Good God could these guys be any more 'bro' like? It takes him 5 tries to get his room set up right and the inspecting officer is not pleased with his demeanor, but they are the first ones out.

The Sisters and the Tims are the next to arrive. Tim Sr and Celina do the challenge. Tim Sr fails a couple of times and of course gets all bent out of shape (news flash - everyone failed) and Celina is crying, which I don't understand. She definitely seems like a child of the 'Trophy Kid' generation. No, everything you do is not good.

The Doctors and Hal and Joanne arrive at relatively the same time. Joanne is doing the challenge for her and Hal and Brett for the Doctors.

Hal and Joanne and the Doctors end up getting out of the gate before the others and head to the next challenge that the Bros have already completed. The teams then had to do a Ukrainian dance, which was so memorable I can't remember a single team actually doing it...or having any trouble with it. Did this who challenge get cut? Meh.

After the dancing it was off to Mosaic Stadium aka Taylor Field aka the home of Rider Nation. Of course they would work this into a stop in Saskatchewan.

Back at the RCMP camp the Brothers arrive and Jody finishes the room in two tries and we all get to have a little 'wah' moment when he has an exchange with the inspecting officer about serving in the army. It's a cheap trick, but it works every time. 

Back at the field the teams must choose from beauty or brawn.  Brawn has the teams doing running and stuff and then one team member has to catch a pass and the other kick a field goal. Beauty has the teams doing a dance and totem pole with the cheerleaders.

The Bros pick the brawn and get it after two tries. Here we learn that not only was Dave a cheerleader at one point in his life, but he was also a kicker in high school. Nailed it. 

They are off first and are the first ones that are able to do the U-Turn making the U-Turned team complete the other task on the detour. Continuing with their laid back and fun way of playing the game they don't U-Turn anyone. Of course. I'm seriously mad at myself for liking these guys so much, but they're so much fun. Dammit. They check in at the pit stop and find out that they have won two round trip tickets anywhere Air Canada flies within Canada. "I know where we're going...Reginaaaaa!" (Clearly they're kidding...please let them be kidding.)

Hal and Joanne and the Doctors have some trouble with their challenges at Taylor Field and the Tims manage to come up from the middle and finish their challenge after the Bros. Of course the Tims would use the U-Turn. Jerks. And on Hal and Joanne because "If there's any one day to get them, it's today." Huh? Shut up Tims, I hate you.

The next ones to finish were Hal and Joanne, but there were not alone. It was literally a race to the top between them and the Doctors. They thought whoever got to the top first was going to stay in the game because they had both taken the penalty. Unfortunately for Hal and Joanne, who ended up getting to the top first, they were already U-Tunred by the Tims. Both teams then had to head back down to the field and complete the other task.

Holly and Brett finish the brawn task before Hal and Joanne are even able to learn their dance steps. Joanne is PISSED. When Brett says "See you at the pit stop" (in a nice way) Joanne tells him to 'f-ck off' under her breath. It was amazing. Body Break that Doctors.

The Sisters finish just after the Doctors and the Brothers arrive sometime into this and complete their tasks no problem.

It's just Hal and Joanne left on the field. They are not pleased, but end up completing their task. You know who is not pleased? Me...because the non-elimination round went to the Tims and I can't stand those guys.

So of course the standings are the Bros, the Tims, the Sisters, the Brothers and the Doctors. Hal and Joanne have been eliminated from the race. At the end of the episode Joanne says "I think we'll continue to keep fit and have fun until we're 6 feet under." Friggin Jo, always throwing their brand out there. Love it.

So that's the end of Body Break. I am wondering how many viewers the show will lose with them not on it. Or have the remaining competitors gained enough fans to keep people interested?

Next week they head to Quebec and someone makes mention that they wish they spoke French. Why do you think I didn't apply for this? That, and the fact that you have to do physical things - which is sooooo not my gig.


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