Monday, August 5, 2013

RECAP: Amazing Race Canada heads to Canada's North

Yellowknife, Canada's North
This week on the Amazing Race Canada the racers pack their bags, put on their Canada Goose jackets and head Canada's North! Brrrrrrrr.

All of the racers end up on the same flight up to Yellowknife. So it didn't matter that they all left the hotel at different times and that the Sisters asked the people at the front of the line at the airport if they could cut the line and pissed off the rest of the teams. Nope, didn't matter.

The Sisters politely cut the line at the airport
Before they left Alberta the Tims make their grand entrance. No one knew that the last leg was a non-elimination round and that they were still in the game. The big reveal left a lot to be desired.

Once they land in Yellowknife the teams were off to the races going to a monument and then to a frozen lake where the teams would all do a polar bear jump into a small cut in the ice and grab their yellow directions before getting out.

This challenge was boring. Some of the racers didn't even feel the need to use their towel after their jump. Polar bear swims/jumps are only fun if someone passes out from hypothermia.

The most exciting part of the challenge was when little Tim budged in front of the Bros and the 'crowd' (aka ten people sitting around the cut ice in winter gear) booed. Then he let the Bro go. 

Little Tim budges at the polar bear jump
After the jump the Doctors were in the lead with the Brothers in second. All the teams had to drive to a small airport and take bush planes to the Yukon for the detour. There were three flights and all of the teams had to sign up for one in the order they arrived.

The Doctors and the Bros arrived first and sign up for the first flight. The Tims are next followed by the Brothers...unfortunately for the Brothers they skip a line on the sign up sheet and sign up for the third flight.  Hal and Joanne come next and take the last space in the second flight. Of course the Brothers are pissed because they screwed up and the Bodybreakers were benefiting from it.

They Brothers go and ask Hal and Joanne if they can have their spot on the second plane because it was a mistake. OH. MY. GAWD! Are you serious? Hal and Joanne say no, in the nicest way possible. I wouldn't have been able to do it. I can't say no if someone asks me a direct question - it's very unCanadian to refuse a request!

The Sisters and the Hippies are the last to arrive at the airport and end up on flight #3 with the Brothers.

Once in the Yukon teams had to choose between building a raft or doing three Klondike challenges including sawing a log, throwing a hatchet and collecting gold pieces while being pushed by your blindfolded partner in a wheel barrow.

Brett 'calming down' Holly
The Doctors arrive and pick the raft building. The Bros pick the Klondike challenge. I don't care for the Doctors, mainly because any time they do a challenge Brett is constantly saying "Calm down Holl" in a really irritated voice. I mean, she is annoying, but his irritation with her is unbearable.

The Tims arrive and have to do their Speed Bump before they can proceed. Their task is reciting a poem. Did I mention these tasks were really boring? Moving on.

The Tims pick the Klondike challenge as do Hal and Joanne and the Brothers. The hippies choose the raft building. The Sisters bow out and use their Express pass and go straight to the end.

The Bros finish their task first and head off towards the final pit stop to meet Jon on ATVs. The Doctors take a little longer to finish their raft, but manage to come in second behind the Bros. Hal and Joanne come in third. Body Break!

The Bros finish first
The Tims make great time and manage to stay in the game even after completing their speed bump. They finish their speed bump and Klondike task before the Brothers and the Hippies can complete one.

It was a footrace to the finish for the Sisters and the Tims for fourth place. The Sisters drop their bags too early and have to go back and get them almost giving the Tims a chance to catch them, but no such luck. The Sisters finish fourth and the Tims fifth.

Back at the challenges the Hippies are making their raft and the Brothers are getting their tasks done. Today has been tough for the Brothers due to their flight mix up and the amount of running this leg has and Jody is having some prosthetic issues.

The Hippies have an express pass but decided to do the challenge anyways, they had some trouble paddling their raft and end up being the last ones to leave the challenge base and head towards the pit stop....right on the heels of the Brothers.

The Hippies get eliminated.
The Brothers ended up snagging the last spot at the pit stop and the Hippies were eliminated...with an express pass in their pocket, burn.

Next week the teams head to the capital of Saskatchewan, Regina. Fuuuuun. I see there is some Rider Nation business going on. Could be fun.


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