Sunday, August 25, 2013

NSYNC reunites for an underwhelming moment during the MTV VMAs

Did anyone watch Justin Timberlake's internationally televised concert yesterday? Also known as the MTV Video Music Awards. Also known as the road to the most underwhelming moment in recent VMA history - the NSYNC reunion performance. I do believe that the whole thing was the longest performance in the history of the awards show.

The internet was buzzing with the news that NSYNC was going to be reuniting on stage with Justin when he got his Video Vanguard Award. People lost their SH*T. The NSYNC fans crawled out from the holes they have been living in and popped giant bottles of Baby Duck to celebrate.

Then Lance Bass tried to throw them off the trail by saying on his radio show that a reunion performance was not going to happen. Conspiracy theory moment: Justin was pissed that his award became more about his old band and didn't want to share the spotlight...told them it was off if people kept jizzing over it.

Then NSYNC made a Twitter account that got verified and we were all like - yeah, it's back on.

As soon as Jimmy Fallon came out on stage I stared to hyperventilate. WHEN WOULD NSYNC ARRIVE? Answer: in about 15 minutes. Seriously...Justin performed every single song he ever put out as a single and at the end of every one viewers held their breath wondering how the boys would enter.

Would they be on puppet strings? Would they pop out of the ground. Would they fly in on hoover boards? What would they wear? Overalls? White t-shirts and jeans? Baseball jerseys?

Answers: They would come up from the ground wearing black suits. As they were coming up Justin says to the crowd "You ask for this". I interpreted this as, this was not my idea and don't blame me for what you are about to see/hear.

They sang part of Girlfriend and Bye, Bye, Bye while dancing in a line. The camera never did a close up of the group at all, which was disappointing...we only got to vaguely see Joey's beer belly. JC busted out a "BA-BY" at the end which didn't seem planned or appreciated by Justin and then back into the floor they went and Justin continued the longest VMA performance ever.

The performance wasn't bad, but it also wasn't long enough to really judge. I am satisfied that they did not show up my Backstreet Boys (who have proven lately that lip-syncing should not be shunned by performers).

It ended with Justin receiving his award from Jimmy Fallon and saying that it all started with those four guys, assuming the boys from NSYNC, but no shot of them because they were being escorted out of the show by body guards. I am assuming into waiting cabs because they didn't want them consorting with the real stars that were in the building.

And just like that...NSYNC was back and now they're gone forever. Just like Destiny's Child at the Super Bowl. Except Kelly and Michelle got more air time and the cameras were actually allowed to show their faces.


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