Saturday, August 24, 2013

Kristin Chenoweth sings duet with audience member - gets upstaged

At the Hollywood Bowl last night the crowd got a special treat when Kristin Chenoweth pulled an audience member up on stage to sing a duet from Wicked (For Good) with her. The person ended up being a voice teacher who actually had a decent voice. Because I generally think Chenoweth's voice is like a screeching donkey, I would even say she got upstaged by the teacher.

The woman, Sarah Horn, even harmonized with Chenoweth in the song which blows Chenoweth away.

If you look at the YouTube page for this video you will see Horn in the comments addressing if she was a plant or not "Definitely not a plant; I promise! I was expecting a plant too which is why when Kristin asked me to come onstage, there was a bit of a delay on my end. Lol!"

I don't believe anyone who uses LOL in their defense. As a rule.



  1. No way she was a plant. Just look at the conductor's surprise when Horn starts to sing!

  2. She sings better than Chenoweth does. It literally brought tears to my (cynical ex-professional musician's) eyes.


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