Friday, August 16, 2013

Hello Ross takes Ross Matthews from Intern to talent

Ross the Intern to Ross the talk show host!

Ross Matthews, formerly The Tonight Show's Ross the Intern and currently a regular panelist on Chelsea Lately, is getting his very own talk show on E!

Ahhh! This is fantastic news. Ross has always been tiiiiight on Chelsea's panel and knows how to dish on Hollywood goss. His new show, Hello Ross, will be a show where Ross talks to celebs as well as fans about current hot gossip.

Ross is also looking for fans to be on the what capacity I'm unsure, but he put out a call for interested bodies to email  if they are a die hard fan (of someone news worthy of course) and want to be on the show. If he needs a Mark Wahlberg or Backstreet Boy enthusiast, he knows where to find me.

Hello Ross premieres on September 6 on E!

OH. EM. JEE! Friggin love Ross.


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