Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Auditioning for Big Brother Canada Season 2? Tips.

It's been almost a week since the announcement was made for the Big Brother Canada season 2 auditions. Some of you may be planning your trip to one of the open call cities, but some of you may only have the video submission option that you can complete.

So what to do? Last year I gave some tips and showed some bad videos...this year I will show you two from contestants that made it onto the show - and their post show video on how to get on Big Brother Canada.

First you have Peter's audition video. As he is a YouTube video maker, the quality is quite good and he is just as loud and annoying as he was in the diary room all of last season.

Next you have Alec...I am assuming he also went to a live audition because this video is pretty lame. And yes, I even rolled my eyes at the 1:50 mark where he shows slow motion footage of himself shirtless putting his hands through his hair to Celine Dion.

Peter and Alec also made a video that I have posted here before on "how to get cast". I don't know if the tips are useful, but the video is funny. Well, Alec is funny...Peter is just, Peter.


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  1. loved the video guys, loved you both on the show....I'm gonna give it a try and can't tell you ANYTHING of what I'm going to do or who I am....ba ha ha ha ha ha (evil laugh), but I'll try my hardest and will use your tips and twist them to suit my style!!! wish me luck.


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