Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Calgary filmed production to get shut down by ACTRA? Maybe it's goodbye Kiefer Sutherland

Uh oh. Sounds like there is trouble on the Kiefer Sutherland and Demi Moore flick that is supposed to start filming in Calgary tomorrow.

One of the Alberta actors unions, ACTRA, is going to shut down the production if the film's producers don't pay the bond required to film in the province.

According to emails I have seen the producers were supposed to pay the bond before principal photography started and failed to do so. ACTRA has already given the producers an extension and on their second deadline they failed to come up with the cash.

My source tells me the bond is there in case the film goes bankrupt and/or fails to pay the union people who worked on the set. Makes sense.

My source also tells me that they have never seen ACTRA actually shut down production before...especially this close to filming. Something fishy is going on here.

In the emails the film noted as "the production "Forsaken" formally known as “Redemption”."

You will remember this past weekend Kiefer and Demi were seen at the Bear and Kilt in downtown Calgary. They are here for the principal photography portion of the production and filming, as noted, was to start tomorrow.

More details to come...

UPDATE: The following email was sent out to ACTRA members on Thursday August 8 ( at your own risk, they still haven't paid)

The Calgary-based production, FORSAKEN has failed to post a performance bond to secure Performers wages. Consequently, ACTRA has declared the Producers unfair.

ACTRA members are advised that without a performance bond, ACTRA is not able to secure the fees of Performers engaged on this project.

While ACTRA is not advising Performers to withdraw services at this time, we are informing you of the situation. We are hopeful that the Producers will provide the required security for payment in the next few days. We will keep the membership apprised of all new developments.


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  1. So was Demi out drinking downtown Calgary on Saturday to celebrate getting paid, or to wallow in the misery of her companions not getting paid, since they clearly could not afford clothes not bought from a thrift store...she looked out of place. (No joke).


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