Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Whatever Happened to: Stephen Dorff

What the hell happened to Stephen Dorff? He is way to hot to have a fizzled out acting career and end up here...being the face of electronic cigarettes.

I am also really sad that the era of Stephen Dorff (the 90s) came before the time of the internet cataloging everything into nice searchable stories. Which also means Dorff is old...dude is almost 40.

I just watched this commercial three times. Stephen is hawt. Like, f-cking hot. Completely irrelevant that he is getting weathered. Do me.


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  1. He is the hottest of the hot. But he is a parody of himself now. That last shot is like an SNL skit.

    To see the GOOD things he is providing us with now, google "Stephen Dorff Beach." You will be glad you did.


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