Sunday, July 28, 2013

Terrible Fox News interview with Reza Aslan (Drinking Game)

I just....I can't...what...don't even know....

I honestly think Lauren Green, the anchor, is too dumb to even know how badly she got schooled by Reza Aslan. Clearly she wasn't listening to any of his answers because she was guns blazing looking like a complete idiot the whole time. I would love to say that this is the worst interview I have ever seen or will see again...but Fox News isn't going anywhere so that will not be the case.

I hate this interview, but I would like to make a bad situation good and provide you with a drinking game to help you get through it and make it a little more fun...drunk in 10 minutes, promise.

Drink every time...

Lauren says that Reza is a Muslim
Reza has to explain what his credentials mean
Reza says 'just to be clear'
Reza says or implies that she hasn't read the book
You think 'this bitch is crazy'
You think Reza should have told her to go knife herself


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