Monday, July 15, 2013

RECAP: The Amazing Race Canada takes the teams from Niagara to Kelowna

The Amazing Race Canada premiered tonight. The 9 teams from across Canada...over half are from Ontario (obviously) and the farthest east they got was Montreal. One outdoorsy couple from BC, two gay cowboys from Alberta and a father son duo from Winnipeg rounded out the rest of the teams.

After you got over the initial annoyance that there were a ton of provinces not represented (seriously - not a single Maritimer? Rude.) it was time to start the race.

Jon Montgomery, Canada's Olympic beer drinking hero, started the teams off by telling them that Air Canada was going to give the winning team a trip around the world. They would also get cars and $250,000 for being the winners of the race.

The race started off in Niagara where the teams went to a terrarium where they had to put their hands into plexiglass containers that housed anything from butterflies to giant hairy spiders. Two yellow envelopes were in each bin which needed to be removed by both team members.

In the envelopes were plane tickets to Kelowna. The scarier the bug in the jar the earlier the ticket was. An interesting way to deal with the fact that there are only two airlines in this country with very limited flights...oh and that Air Canada is obviously the sponsor so I am guessing you take a WestJet flight and you'd be disqualified.

BODY BREAK! Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod
Two of the teams, Tim Jr. and Sr. from Winnipeg and the twin sisters Treena and Tennille from Hamilton, only took one of the envelopes and carried on their way. Dun dun dun.

Next was the flight across the country to Kelowna where the teams had to drive from the airport to the city centre and find a giant blue bear with their next clue. The teams spent the night in K-Town before having to take jet skis out on the Okanagan Lake and taking a dive to find a statue of the Ogopogo.

After that the teams went to a bridge where they had to walk across a beam high above the ground and get their last clue while strapped into a harness. Yes it was high, but again - harness.

Next it was a race to the finish at Quails Gate Winery. (Side note: Definitely got hammered there last time I went to Kelowna...good tour.)

The two outdoorsy hippies from BC came in first followed by the doctors from Montreal, the Body Break Canadian heroes, the meat heads from London, ON (one of which is named Jet Black, don't get me started).

The next to arrive were Tim Jr. and Tim Sr., the father son duo from Winnipeg. They were one of the teams who only took one of the envelopes from the first challenge and earned themselves a 30 minute penalty. Meaning the next team, the super annoying sisters from Ottawa Vanessa and Celine, took the 5th place spot. Tim and Tim ended up getting the 6th spot.

The brothers from Kitchner, Jody and Cory, came in 7th. One of them lost his legs in Afghanistan and is doing the race on prosthetic legs...mad props, obvs.

The final two pairs came down to a foot race. The gay cowboys from Alberta and the twins from Hamilton. The twins, Treena and Tennille finished seconds before the guys, but were informed that they too had received a 30 minute penalty for not taking both of the envelopes from the first leg. Meaning THE COWBOYS ARE STILL IN THE RACE...and the twins are sent packing.

Cowboys Jamie and Pierre
Based on the first episode I have made the following observations/judgements on the teams.

Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod can do no wrong...Joanne even quoted Body Break before jumping off the bridge beam. Amazing. Love them.

Pierre and Jamie, the cowboys, are pretty much the most entertaining group in the race and it was traumatizing to me that they were almost eliminated. That doesn't bode well for the season.

Vanessa and Celina are the most annoying pair - by far.

The doctors, Brett and Holly, are really trying to be the ass hole team. They are close, but I am still not buying it.

I am pretty uninterested in all the other pairs. The hippies, Kristen and Darren are going to be the ones to watch out for. I was obviously turned off when they said that they would be good at the race because they are used to wearing the same clothes for days. Ew. Gross. Just no.

Let's see if this group can keep me entertained...maybe, maybe not.


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