Monday, July 22, 2013

RECAP: Amazing Race Canada Episode 2: China Town

The racers from Amazing Race Canada headed to Vancouver in tonight's episode. The voice over description of Vancouver was 'the supermodel of Canada'...I wonder if Toronto is jealous? (I know I puked in my mouth a little.)

The teams left in the race were Jamie and Pierre (the gay Cowboys), Holly and Brett (the Doctors), Jet and Dave (the Bros), Jody and Cory (the brothers), Vanessa and Celina (the sisters), Tim Sr. and Tim Jr. (father and son or The Tims), Kristen and Darren (the hippies) and Hal and Joanne (no description necessary - Body Break!).

The teams set off from Kelowna. The three seats left on the first flight get filled by the Doctors, the Bros and the Hippies.  Joanne and Hal use their brains and ask if they can fly standby getting some untaken seats on the first plane...wish granted. Leaving Vanessa and Celina to say that they are really smart (or...not idiots).  The left over racers are left to fly out on a later flight.

Leaving last from the Kelowna pit stop was my favourite pair, the gay cowboys, Jamie and Pierre. They stop at a bank and cash in their debit card and arrive at the airport to late to make the second flight. Devastation...what were they thinking?!

Once in VanCity the teams were to go to the Richmond Oval and one team member had to complete a Road Block in the form of speed skating. The edit made it look ridiculously easy. They should have made them have faster times...or done something else. I'd have preferred the latter.

Next the teams head to the Millennium Gate in China Town and have to choose between two Detours.

First was drink some tea and then memorize the Chinese symbol that was painted underneath it. After that teams had to go to another place an recreate the symbol from memory with paint and a brush.

Detour option two was get a list of stores written in Chinese and find the various pieces of a Chinese festival dragon and then do a dance.

First to make it to China Town are the Doctors after getting a cab from the speed skating venue and not letting their cab driver call a cab for the Bros (obviously I wouldn't either, that is dumb).

Hal and Joanne manage to get out ahead of the Bros who are still wandering aimlessly in front of the skating venue looking for a cab.The bros are then screwed again when the Hippies snag a cab that they flagged down before they could get in it. It was not a good day for the Bros.

The Doctors
The Doctors complete the drawing detour no problem as do Hal and Joanne. Kristen and Darren and The Brothers also choose the drawing task and get it done the first time. The sisters and the cowboys have trouble with the drawing task. The cowboys decide to do the other detour instead after their first drawings are denied and the sisters go for the drawing again.

The fact that only the sisters and the cowboys had trouble with the task leaves me to believe it was too damn easy. No offense guys, but I don't watch the show for people to walk through it perfectly.

The Bros, after their unfortunate cab incident post-skating, wander aimlessly around China Town for hours trying to get their pieces to do the dragon dance. It looks like they finally may have got all their pieces and they decide to switch tasks. So random. Did I miss something? They go to do the drawing and end up getting it on their first try. At this point they are pretty far behind.

...again, why are these tasks so easy?

The Tims can't figure out how to get all the costume supplies for the dragon dance and decide to switch to the drawing. They complete it on their first attempt.

After completing their tasks teams had to go to a port and climb up a giant crane flight of stairs at DP World, grab some binoculars and locate the pit stop flags somewhere in Vancouver. Those flags were on top of the Vancouver Convention Center.

Jody and Cory, the Brothers
First up were the Doctors, they were unstoppable today. Thank God, because I thought they may euthanize themselves if they came in second again. Brett was PISSED last week when they were beat by the Hippies. Holly made a little bit of a scene of being scared of the height at DP World, but they locate the flags and are the first to arrive to Jon at the pit stop. This week they won a free round trip to Asian courtesy of Air Canada.

Side Note: I friggin' love Jon Montgomery. Props again to CTV for snaggin that wonderful ginger for the hosting gig.

Hal and Joanne rolled in second, hell yes they did. The Brothers came third. I thought there would be some sort of issue with Jody's prosthetic legs and going all the way up those stairs, but he seemed totally fine. I cannot even watch this guy in action...I get whiny walking up one flight of stairs with my pretty much fully functional legs.

Vanessa and Celina show up to the dock at the same time as the Hippies...the Hippies have had seemingly bad luck in Vancouver. They got taken to the wrong place twice by cab drivers, they got off the train early at the beginning of the race and they can never find stuff when it is right in front of them...and they are the ones racing who are from BC (which means most people would assume they would know what they were doing in Vancouver). They finished fourth (Hippies) and fifth (sisters).

The Tims are finally rebounding from their Detour task switch and make their way towards the convention center. I will say they are probably the least entertaining team. The only memorable thing they did was Tim Sr. waving goodbye to the girls who missed the train earlier on in the race today - which was kind of...rude.

The Tims come in 6th. Rounding off the final set of people who are staying in this game are the Bros, Jet and Dave. After being one of the first teams to the skating venue they came awfully close to getting the boot, but they hung on to the skin of their giant biceps.

Bye boys! The Cowboys are officially done.
Last to arrive at the pit stop was Jamie and Pierre. Nooooooooooooooooo. The gay cowboys have been eliminated from the race. Where was production on this? I am almost positive they were everyone's favourite - they should have let them cheat. I am not going to lie when I say I am feeling disinterested in the show now that they won't be on it. They were the most lovely people to ever play in a race...ever. And I am not just saying that because they are gay and from Alberta. They are f-cking awesome.

Next week teams head to Calgary. I'm not totally sure what they are doing...but it looks like they are going to be line dancing at Ranchmans. I can't stop shaking my head right now. So disappointed.


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