Monday, July 29, 2013

Prince's Island emerging from the river for another fantastic Calgary Folk Festival

The dust has settled on this year's Calgary Folk Fest...literally. The Island, located in the middle of the Bow River which crested last month, was completely covered in water during the flood. A dusty dirt remnant still hangs out on certain parts of the island and in front of some of the Festival's more popular stages. For those cool with getting dirt, the dust dancing was not a deterrent. I am a clean type, but more of a sit back and observe concert goer so the dance pit wasn't for me anyways.

Unfortunately for the Festival some of the Island was too worn and they had to move one of the stages over to Eau Clair for some free shows...which was great for the cheap people who usually sit on the other side of the river to listen to the music without paying every year. Score for the penny pinchers.

I went into the Festival this year thinking Alabama Shakes, Alabama Shakes, Alabama Shakes. It was all about Brittany Howard and crew. So after night one, which is when they played, I wasn't even sure what to do with myself.

Alabama Shakes, Calgary Folk Festival 2013
I am very biased when it comes to Howard and Alabama Shakes. That girl could go on stage and sing Old MacDonald and I would screech with enthusiasm. So when I say I was near death after hearing them you can take from that what you will (but it was amazing).

So anyways, I was worried that I wasn't going to love anything else, but I was wrong (it's a rare occurrence, but it happens). There were a lot of great sounds at the Festival, but the headliners of the score card of success were Thievery Corporation and Sharon Van Etten...and of course, Alabama Shakes.

It was almost a full on perfect weekend...the grey looming clouds only spritzed rain (when I was there) and as far as I know no one drown in the river. Full on success. Now if only they would let us take the beer out of the beer gardens it would be the happiest place on earth. THE HAPPIEST.


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