Friday, July 12, 2013

MG's Pick of the Month: Vance Joy (Guest Post)

I’m back. Don’t worry, I wasn’t expecting a parade, or a gift or any kind of fanfare (just kidding – please send cakes). You might remember me from such awesomely famous columns as ‘mg’s song of the week.’ Well I’m back! You’ll be able to find me here with some songs that I’m listening to most right now, and hopefully some of them will tickle your fancy.

Since it’s my first post back at this gig I really tried my hardest to not pick something depressing. I know Jes thinks I only listen to depressing music (we did go to Bon Iver together), but it’s really not the truth. I guess when you live in a city where it rains for about 45980 days a year you just find yourself gravitating to more mellow musical selections.

So this week I am offering Vance Joy’s From Afar. And shit, I’m sorry. This song is actually super depressing. And the video is even worse. But I think it’s a legit choice, and if you like it his other music isn’t too bad so maybe you’ll want to try that out as a pick me up.

Anyway, getting back to the song – it’s about unrequited love, something I’m sure we can all (unfortunately) relate to. Just watch the video to get the full gist.


Um, yes. That is all around depressing - but a good shot of reality to all the dreamers out there. Nicely done. Welcome back.


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