Sunday, July 21, 2013

How I Met Your Mother's final season will take place over Barney and Robyn's wedding weekend

During Comic-Con it was revealed on the How I Met Your Mother panel that the final season of the show was going to take place over the course of Barney and Robyn's wedding. Of course there is going to be the usual flash backs etc that will fill time, but the here-and-now is going to be all one day.

Fans were also wondering what would become of the remaining slaps that Marshal is given to give Barney...don't worry. Those will not be left behind. In fact, co-creator Craig Thomas told the panel "There is going to be an episode in the middle of the season that takes place during the course of one slap," said Thomas. "We're going to get the tennis camera that the U.S. Open uses to get slow motion [footage] of Roger Federer's serve."

I am already declaring this my favourite episode of all line with all the other episodes about the slaps.

I will say, it's about time for the show to end...8 seasons of 'maybe that's the mother' has been getting kind of old. I completely appreciate the CBS promo of Ted's kids losing their minds and telling him to wrap it up. Amazing. Love it.

The final season premieres on Monday September 23. Get's your final chance to suit up, meet Ted and be Legen...wait for it...dary.


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