Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Beyonce takes a fan to the Church of B

Just another night at a Mrs. Carter concert...

Beyonce: This guy thinks he's in church...raising his hands and shit to me.
Beyonce: (Grabs guy's hand)
Guy: (has seizure, becomes possessed with the power of B)
Beyonce: This bitch is cray.
Guy: I AM DYING!!!
Beyonce: Get your ass in here and give me a hug...stop shaking and don't sue me.
Guy: (Drops to the floor, knifes anyone who touches his clothes - they are goin in a museum honey.)

Seriously...that was insane.


Side Note: to anyone who watches this video and gets annoyed with all the people with their camera phones taping it...how do you think you are able to enjoy this experience? Google Glass?

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