Friday, July 19, 2013

Backstreet Boys' pander to the media with their In a World Like This music video

The Backstreet Boys released their video for their new single In a World Like This. On a rare occasion a video can revive a song...if it sucks in the first place. Unfortunately for them, this video did not achieve that.

I am the Boys' biggest fan, but I must hold onto my integrity and admit that the glorious return of Kevin is not bringing huge returns for the band. I mean, they weren't exactly producing hits while he was away either, but at least then they had someone to blame (or at least I did, which was all I needed).

The song is not that good and then the video is just - what the hell? It is basically two videos in one. One is dramatic and supposed to be about love or something (I am actually unclear, had to read a press release) and then the other is the Boys yodeling in a field...white boy dancing...clapping...and all in all making me very uncomfortable.

I know everyone thinks the end is super cute. 'Aw, to elderly lesbians are happy that prop 8 got overturned and they hold hands. LOVE!' Seriously, cute shit - but are you telling me that makes up for the rest of...whatever that was? No. No. No. No.

I am calling it as I see it - media pandering. Did the media pick this up? Yes. Why? Because it was good? No. Because the Backstreet Boys got to say they support gay marriage? Yes.

The video is bad. The song is just OK. The wool has not been pulled over my eyes.


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