Thursday, June 6, 2013

Real Housewives of Vancouver Cancelled ('put on hold')

That’s a wrap on Vancouver botox.

Shaw Media (parent to Slice TV) has revealed that The Real Housewives of Vancouver will not be returning for a third season. Correction, they said the show has been put on ‘hold’ and that they may revive it in the future with a different cast and/or in a different city.

I never watched any of the RHOV’s American sister shows, but I am assuming there was a lot more drama with those broads than there ever was with Jody Claman and crew. I mean, how many times can you have Jody and Mary fight over nothing and really keep peoples interest? It just isn’t possible.

I will miss Jody being outrageously crazy and Ronnie pretending she is not an alcoholic. I missed Christina and her fake British accent all through season two and her GBF Kevin (biggest mistake was not replacing him on the show). I have already forgotten all of the other women’s names…that’s how much they impacted the show.

RIP RHOV. Next up, Real Housewives of… Toronto? Regina? Yellowknife?


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