Thursday, June 20, 2013

Out This Weekend

The question you need to ask yourself this weekend you have to take a child with you to the movie or can you leave them at home and go drool over Brad Pitt? Admittedly the scruffy post-Jen Pitt is less attractive than the clean cut one, but he's still a beaut of a specimen.

The Bling Ring (Limited)
"Let's go to Paris's, I wanna rob." Looks like Emma Watson does a fine job acting like an annoying teenager with no identifiable grasp on actions to consequences. Part of me is dying to see this and another part of me does not want to see a reflection of the entitled teens of today being idiotic to the point of total brain malfunction.

Monsters University
My general disdain for children's movies is overtaken by my wish to see Mike and Sully in action again. Plus, movies about University make me feel like I am getting a glimpse into 4 years of my life that are very hazy and half black.

World War Z
So the vampire craze seems to be dying down a little bit (praise Jesus), but it seems like a new, less attractive obsession has taken its place: Zombies. Please wake me when the world is over this as well.

My Pick: Jeez, tough one. Depends on your mood. Currently I would rather stab myself than see The Bling Ring, but maybe tomorrow I will have a change of heart. I'd go all around with Monsters University.


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  1. awesome movie but I was looking for more violence either way well written and a ending. Zombies here are wild


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