Thursday, June 13, 2013

Out This Weekend

Superman, Superman, pretty much going to be the buzz for the next couple of weeks. Superhero movies are like that, but if Henry Cavill's version of the man in tights is not as bad as  Christopher Reeves and Brandon Roth's I think we will have a winner.

Man of Steel
Besides the fact that there has yet to be a good Superman movie made, Henry Cavill is arguably the hottest man to ever sport the giant S. Love it. I also love that this was partially filmed on Vancouver Island.

Much Ado About Nothing
This Joss Whedon adaption of the famous Shakespeare play looks...interesting. I mean, they do shots so how bad could it be?

No One Lives
I mean, if you are going to tell us the ending in the title, what is the point of watching the movie? Gore. Murder. Hot evil man. Looks lovely. Maybe I'll see if my Grandma wants to go.

My Pick: Man of Steel, obviously.


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