Thursday, June 6, 2013

Out This Weekend

You may have noticed this weekly post disappear in the past 6 months...but fear not, I have decided to bring it back for the summer. Because who doesn't love summer movies? And who DOESN'T go to the movies in the summer? I am just here to inform.

This weekend we have a few limited releases and one possible box office hit with a reunion of Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn.

Before Midnight (limited)
What the heck happened to Ethan Hawk...I asked myself a couple of years ago. And now we know. This looks like one of those movies that was created for married women in their late 40s. They will totally sympathize with the wife getting mad when he calls her the Mayor of Crazy Town.

The East (limited)
Movies about radical environmentalist groups...I feel like these are probably going to have their own category on Netflix in a few years. The premise seems interesting enough. The fact that it is not getting a full first release may say something about the box office probability of the film, but it has a pretty tight cast. And by tight I mean, Alexander SkarsgÄrd's abs. Hot.

The Internship
Keep your expectations low children. After the starring in the best comedy in the past decade Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are trying to recreate success with The Internship. Now, while the trailer looks funny, it could also be a mash-up of the only funny parts in the entire movie. A story line about two guys who know nothing about computers even getting an interview for a job at Google is ridiculous never mind moving onto round two.  I'll probably go see it an be disappointed, but not everything in life is fair.

The Kings of Summer (limited)
Ah summer...when you were young and had to do nothing except a few chores and you lived the life of luxury. Kids are so delusional. This does look like a Stand By Me knock off with a little more humour and no fat Jerry O'Connell clogging up the screen.

 The Purge 
What. The. Hell. I actually heard the final product of this movie is awful, BUT the premise is very intriguing. Where does Hollywood get the idea for movies like this? The cutting room floor of a government meeting? Just kidding. But seriously, Ethan Hawk is in 2 movies that come out this weekend. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?

My Pick: I think I will regret it, but...The Internship.


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