Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Olympian Jon Montgomery to host The Amazing Race Canada


It was announced today that the host of the inaugural season of The Amazing Race Canada will be Olympian Jon Montgomery. You will remember Jon from the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. He won the gold medal in skeleton and then walked through a crowd of people and was handed a pitcher of beer and started to chug - like any good Canadian would.

Basically Jon is a national hero.

So is the beer drinking ginger a good pick for the show? Heck yes. Oh, and if they haven't done this already, the people of Russell, Manitoba should be making a town square bronzed statue in his honor.

The Amazing Race Canada has already started filming and will air this summer. Blasts from the past, Joanne McLeod and Hal Johnson are one of the pairs in the race ( MUST remember Body Break).

What a day in Canadian reality TV news.


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  1. Body Break is just one of the thing that makes Canada amazing...hope we get to see some aerobics and cross country skiing while they're on the race.


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