Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Miley Cyrus tries hard to be something in video for We Can't Stop (VIDEO)

Miley Cyrus put out the new video for her single We Can't Stop.

Instead of giving you my opinion of the video (which would be my normal MO) I decided to give you the facts...a play by play of what the hell is going on in it. Enjoy.

  • Product placement
  • Miley putting in grillz
  • Smoke coming from someones peen
  • Roasting marshmallows on candles
  • Some random guy eating a sandwich of $100 bills
  • Miley wearing a white sports bra and pants
  • A french fry skull
  • People swimming
  • Miley chewing gum
  • Miley looking like she is taping a porn masturbation video alone in her room
  • Miley trying to look sexy chewing gum with her mouth open (gross girl, shut that shit)
  • Fake fingers that are getting cut off and pepto bismal as the blood
  • Girls dancing with giant teddy bears
  • Miley thrusting in an empty bathtub
  • A masked face computerized image with a moving mouth that is not moving to the words
  • Alphagetti that spells out 'Twerk'
  • Miley twerking
  • Miley on a exercise bike slapping her ass
  • Taxidermy dogs(deer?) wearing sunglasses
  • More taxidermy
  • Miley wearing fur holding taxidermy
  • Girl in a pool with a “censored” sign on her mouth
  • Miley making out with a doll in a swimming pool
  • Miley wearing high rise workout underwear (seriously, I don't know what these are called)
  • A guy holding a sign that says “UCK”
  • More smoke coming from a peen
  • Guy sleeping on girl sucking his thumb
  • Bunch of girls in a swimming pool
  • Guy lying on a pile of white bread (probably Wonder) eating it
  • More dancing with giant teddy bears
  • Miley breakin a piƱata
  • Miley wearing a toque with a bird cadge veil
  • Miley grabbing some girls ass
  • Girls twerking
  • Miley wrestling with some girl whilst wearing hooker heals
  • A screen projection of bread
  • Miley cuddling with some man
  • Miley thrusting alone on a bed in all white wearing giant platform shoes
  • Miley grabbing some girls boob
  • Miley trying to be a gangster
So yeah, that's about it. Please make up your own mind.


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  1. Wow for someone that claims to be giving the facts, there is a lot of biased overtones...maybe try again?


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