Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kids going viral: Calgary's Jaxon Smith and Sophia Grace

You know how there are always viral videos of kids doing things in a sub-par way, but they are small and able so people are like "OMG THIS IS FANTASTIC!"? Well, I never buy into that crap. I critique them as I would anyone else - harshly and honestly.

I also don't run around posting their stuff on my site every other second because that is just annoying, BUT every once in a while there is one that comes a long that I am like - watch them. And I have a special place in a cold dead heart for the Canadian ones (because I'm a f'ing patriot, obviously).

I received a note about this kid, 8 year old Jaxon Smith from Calgary who is self taught and can shred. Watched a couple of his videos and concur that 1.) He is legit. and 2.) I would hang out with him if his parents got him some Raybans.

This almost fills my kid quota for the year...

But I can't fill the kid quota without throwing in something from everyone's favorite tutu wearing Brit, Sophia Grace. She just released a music video and I must say - why the hell is Rosie's role so small? Rude. Sophia is throwing shade at her hype girl. Tisk tisk.

Anyways. I am totally kid-ed out. For real...I don't think I will be able to see my nephew until Christmas now, I won't be able to handle it.


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