Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Jesse Eisenberg has no time for magic tricks or politeness (INTERVIEW VIDEO)

Jesse Eisenberg made headlines today after a recent interview he did with Univision blogger Romina Puga went viral...and for good reason.

In it, Eisenberg who seems to have a dry sense of humour, tells Romina that she is the Carrot Top of interviewers and makes various digs at her.

Clearly this is the edited version, so we don't actually know how horrible she really was. I am assuming probably worse than what you are seeing in the edit (just a guess). What we see here is a girl asking an actor to perform magic tricks...did she not ask any legitimate questions? Or did she cut them all out. I can't make a informed decision if I don't know what other stupid things she was saying to him.

On the other hand, Eisenberg was being a grade a douche in his approach the the annoying interviewer. Yes, her questions were terrible. Yes, he probably just sat through 40 other ones just like this with people who actually had questions about the movie. And yes, sometimes you just want to tell someone that they are as awful at what they do as Carrot Top is at stand up comedy, but do you? No. I don't really care what this girl asked him or said during the uncut part of this interview, but I am sure it didn't warrant this kind of diva behavior.

Anyways, this is the most I have heard about Jesse Eisenberg on his current media trail for Now You See Me - so he may possibly owe Romina an apology AND a thank you. Or not, cause he probably doesn't hand either of those things out to people on any kind of regular basis.


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