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Book Review: Facing the Music and Living to Talk About It - Nick Carter

"I want read an autobiography by a Backstreet Boy - preferably Nick Carter because he was the most out of control and will have fascinating tales to share. But I don't just want a bunch of detailed stories about his life. No, no.

I want a bunch of vague overviews of life events interrupted every couple sentences with asides about the dangers of alcohol and drugs and how I can better myself by never consuming copious amounts of them - ever. 

I would hope that by the end of reading the book I will feel like a horrible human for my love of liquor and will be Googling therapists in my local area that I will start meeting with once a week."

- Said no one - ever.

Nick Carter recently penned a self-help book which is masked as an autobiography which is classified on Amazon as a autobiography and self-help hybrid so no one can ask for their money back.

Facing the Music and Living to Talk About It is a valiant effort by Carter to try to help some people out, but generally speaking - people are more adept to receiving therapy from a therapist and not from a guy who is just figuring out his own life.

People will buy it for the biography portion, hate it for the self-help feel and maybe, just maybe someone will fix their life based on the words of wisdom of Mr. Carter. Or not. What do I know? I'm not a therapist.

But enough about what I think you will think. Here is what I think about this dismal display of literature. There are three different parts interwoven throughout the book.

First is Nick's need to save everyone thus the self-help portion which makes up around 50%. The amount of times that Nick refers to his therapist and things that he obviously learned in therapy makes me wonder if he had an epiphany one day in the chair, went home and wrote this whole thing.

The need to share this mind blowing information was so out of control that he literally would start a story and then stop to give you the medical definition of binge drinking and tell you how bad it was for your body. We know, please continue telling me about the time you got drunk and were refused entry onto a city bus.

At the beginning of the book he states that the death of his younger sister Leslie in 2012 was a catalyst for writing the book. "I've written it in Leslie's memory, though I sincerely wish I could have given it to her before she died."

Thus it's understandable why he was so adamant about pushing the life saving bit of the book - but it was overboard and wound up hurting the flow and creating a disconnect.

Second is Nick's need to defend himself. I'd say this was in the 20% range of page space.

A lot of people who write autobiographies do so to tell a story and to share parts of their lives, good and bad, with the public. They have come to a resolve and are open to letting you know how they got to where they are and the stupid mistakes they made along the way. Nick Carter still has something to prove, and it's inked all over this book.

The frequency in which he brings up his parents poor child rearing ways as a fall back for his and his sibling's problems is almost equal to the frequency he references his therapist. Sometimes people just do unfortunate things and there doesn't need to be an explanation or excuse attached to it. I think that the parent demon was the one he was currently focusing on in his chair time and thus it was a big player in the book.

He also tells us why he didn't attend his sister's funeral, why he stopped giving certain people in his family money and why he was such a disaster of a pop star in the later years. 

The last, and obviously most interesting, part of the tangled mess that was Facing the Music was his accounts of his life outside of the family home in Florida. This is, based on the laws of math, around 30% of the book.

Being a part of the Backstreet Boys, the booze filled nights, the attempt at a solo career, the girlfriends and House of Carters were all topics of interest.

There isn't much fans don't already know about the Backstreet Boys. The later years are a little less public due to their fall in popularity and boy bands in general. For the most part however, people know what's going on with the group.

Nick clarifies the Lou Pearlman scandal. Pearlman, who founded the group, was stealing money from them and then they fired him and he went to jail. Nick states that there was never any sexual abuse that he was aware of that had been reported in the media.

He writes about his substance abuse ventures including the one time he got a DUI. I'll let you read that for yourself, but it was the least spectacular thing I have ever heard. The chapter titled "The Night of the Zombies" left much to be desired as well. Basically let me just say that if you are expecting some insane accounts of celebrity partying you are in for a big disappointment and don't even bother.

Nick's account of his solo career was on-point. "I was this overweight, unhealthy solo artist who was sweating profusely and wearing clothes on stage that I could barely fit into." That's pretty much how I remembered it as well.

He talked about a couple of his girlfriends which took up about half a page spread out over the entire book. He says that he dated Willa Ford and Paris Hilton. He briefly went into details about his near seven month relationship with the hotel heiress.

He said Paris was only interested in him because he was a celebrity and that he was with "...someone I wasn't convinced really cared about me. I often felt like she was playing me, but no one would tell me so."

He does not talk about the rumours that he cheated on Paris with Ashlee Simpson or that he beat her (He has already stated publicly that he didn't, but I thought it may come up in the book).

There is a whole lot at the end of the book about his now fiancee Lauren Kitt and how they are super healthy together and all of that fine-and-dandy stuff.

The best part was not the end (cause really, I don't care how you proposed to your girlfriend, no offence) but the chapter on the House of Carters. Did you know that show only lasted 8 episodes? Tragic.

Nick was not a fan of the show and what his family looked like in it. He doesn't claim that the editing was bad, just that they were so highly dysfunctional that he was majorly embarrassed by it. "If you saw more than 5 minutes of House of Carters just let me say "I'm Sorry."" Is he kidding? I loved that show - loved.

Besides the fact that Nick Carter has gone through the steps to fix his life and wants to be reincarnated as a therapist, there were no mind blowing revelations or discoveries to be made with this book.

I am unfortunately going to have to pass on recommending this book however, if you are a true Nick Carter fan you are bound by the laws of nature to buy it when it comes out in September. I didn't make the rules - Mother N did, so take it up with her.



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  2. Reading your reviews, you make surprised me about the curiosity level of human can have, the man try to make a book, that helped people or maybe try to help or advice of celebrity that have drops in drugs (There persons that prefer read all about celebrity and not go to DR) but you only waiting read is like how to use cocaine? o talk about if he knocked Paris Hilton or not?... Nick open his heart in this book, and each advice waiting for some person do not do what his do. I'm sorry but person like you try to focus if he fainting for drugs or not, try to see the other side of this book, that try to help someone, you'r review only help me for something, and this is for write to explain why i buy this book, cause diferents at you and you curiosity, I don't wanna read a Nick Carter taking drugs, but yes a Nick carter have a new life.

    PD: There will be many like you and that shows how demeaning this the human race!

  3. To Ysveth, learn to speak english.

    1. what does it matter if this person can speak English well or not? that's not the point of the comment.

  4. I know Nick personally, and your overview about him being scattered per se is quite correct. It doesn't really surprise me that the book is a complete mess of 10000 thoughts scattered over pages. And who the hell wants to know ANYTHING about Lauren Kitt. If she had any kind of TRUE love or heart for anyone, she wouldn't have hurt ME to begin with. Bitch.

    1. Second Anonymous:

      Right. You know Nick Carter personally. Just like everyone else who claims the same thing, only to talk about his fiancee whom you obviously don't know. Did it ever occur to you that being jealous gets you nowhere, and calling Lauren a 'bitch' for no reason thoroughly proves that fact? I take it you never really saw how Nick and Lauren interact with each other in a POSITIVE light. But SHE'S the 'bitch'. How nice of you.

      Please, get off your high horse, and get a life.

    2. Thank you for the Anon who wrote to Krystal. If nobody was talking to you personally Krystal, mind your own business. I do for a fact know Nick, and I do for a fact hate Lauren for personal traumas she has caused me. The fact that I don't CARE whether you believe me or not, shows I am telling the truth. I will not expect you to respond, because my life is none of your business. I was simply stating my opinion, of my experience with Carter and Kitt on a personal level. Please, peanut gallery (Kristal) Mind your own business. Thanks! And Anonymous, you're right... Nobody who knows Carter respects him for the simple fact he's a using asshole.

    3. Going to one of his concerts in hopes he would fall in Love with you to then find out he actually has no clue who you are and proposed to someone else is hardly knowing someone personally. Grow up.

  5. Krystal well how would u know about what others are claiming? Your comment was shit too. Nobody who really knows carter respects him.

  6. I unfortunatelly got to know some crack heads in my life and I can guarantee you 100% that Nick Carter and Lauren Kitt are crack heads. Therefore I believe Anonymous. They both show all the tell tale signs. Their veneers, their fluctuating weight, their eyes but most of all their attitude, the way they always play the victim role and the way they thread others. They can look good sometimes, but that won't change my opinion at all. Many athletes and models are on cocaine as well. Cocaine doesn't really change your body, but it dramatically changes your personality and turns lovely people into really heartless douchebags who will lie their asses off for money. And Lauren knows how to exploit people. She is a con artist, a clever one, I'll give her that.

    I just wish all those Backstreet Boys Stans would stop bashing people they don't know. Nick's Stans bash everybody who doesn't worship the ground Nick and Lauren walk on, like fans who are irritated, Leighanne, Nick's old friends, Nick's entire family minus Angel. There's a reason NIck's whole family does not get along with those two. And it's not that they are all evil and Nick and Lauren are angels, please.

    Not everybody who has a negative opinion is jealous. I'm 100% not jealous, the times I met this guy are enough for the rest of my life. He is not someone I want to be around anymore and if Lauren had a heart, I would pitty her. Before you tell others to get a life, stop spending your time bashing people you don't know to defend people you don't know, Krystal. Grow up.

  7. Lauren did call Nick’s fans fat and ugly and she did write those My man is better than yours anyway tweets. Nick’s and Lauren’s best friend Justin Friedlander called his fans fat and middle aged and wants to see them cry themselves to sleep cause they can’t have Nick. He said that on twitter. On Instagram Lauren’s sister’s fiancĂ© said Nick’s fans need a dildo, because no man would ever be with someone who is so fat, old and ugly. Nick must be very mature and in a fantastic place in his life, judging by all the mature, lovely people he surrounds himself with.

  8. Nick is NOT an asshole or on cocaine. He might have been on drugs in the past, but he is clean since many years. I don't think any of you know him personally, so don't attack him like that in public. I respect and admire him and I really like Lauren. I used to be on the fence about her, but now she has a career and I think she is really cool and admirable and a great role model. I grew up as a Nick fan, but I actually like her more than Nick by now.

  9. Working out, walking on stage in a bikini and making youtube videos with barely no views is not what i would call a career.

  10. This was a very entertaining and informative review, Jes. I'm a big fan of Nick Carter from way back (1997), but will refrain from buying this book in light of your review as well as many of the other reviews on Amazon. It would be nice if he could come out with something as focussed (i.e. strictly autobiographical) as Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis, one of the best books I've ever read. I'll be waiting.

  11. I suppose it just depends on what suits the individual. I loved the book, personally. Apart from knowing the pain he endured. I don't usually have the patience for a biography, whereas this is much more interesting.
    I don't think its something to mock either.
    However, I loved the HOC. If it weren't for that show many wouldn't have known who Leslie Carter was, let alone got to know her online. The only downside to that show really, was fans being mean to her even after she passed (RIP Leslie) and some of those being the same fans who stick up for lauren whenever she gets picked on. I don't condemn them for that, but Les isn't here to defend herself.
    People still misunderstand Nick a lot. I don't understand him at times, though since reading that I believe I do a lot more than I did.

    A year ago I may have agreed with some of the commenters here. Especially based on things his friends have said to fans - mix that with what those that apparently knew him when he was a different person and certain issues are easy to take in.
    When it comes to Nick Carter, people seem to follow 1 extreme or another: They either love Lauren Kitt Carter, along with Nick's new lifestyle and insist they're an inspiration, not to mention most of them never seem to tire of making constant 'I'm happy for you, everyone else in the world is jealous of you' comments (before any 'haters' have even said anything) where they know he reads it.
    OR...they despise Lauren with a vengeance, claiming she is to blame for the contact he doesn't have with his past, that she is a 'gold digging fame ..whatever'..And so on. It's even been said she used witchcraft on him. (frighteningly serious they were) They have Nick down as having turned into a heartless, fame-obsessed male and they don't seem to be so impressed by his new body. (I love him no matter what size) ..They don't hate though! No, NO!
    In fact if someone they disapprove of says something mildly similar to what they lecture all the time, they act all protective. Again, where Nick Carter apparently reads every post.
    There seems to be no meeting halfway, but this man genuinely appears to be focusing on a more positive future. I don't know how he attracts people who're so possessive and spiteful as so many should take a leaf out of his book...literally. Of course if you're disapproved of by the whole Carter clique then such words aren't welcome.
    Regarding the book; considering most wouldn't have survived certain troubles, I believe people need to give him a break.


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