Sunday, May 26, 2013

Will Smith, Alfonso Ribeiro, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Jaden Smith reprise the Graham Norton show Fresh Prince sing-a-long

Just over a year ago Will Smith was on the Graham Norton show in Britain and was asked to sing the Fresh Prince theme song with the he came back promoting a movie with his teenage son and decided to go for Fresh Prince round 2.

Pure Gold.

First of old is DJ Jazzy Jeff now and is he still DJing? I checked Wikipedia (the god of knowledge) and it says he is still doing stuff. Good for you Jeff.

Second, I love that Alfonso Ribeiro (aka. Carlton Banks) came out to do the Carlton dance. I am imagining the conversation around him coming on the show went something like this.

Will: "So Fonz, you busy next week?"
Alfonso: "Of course not."
Will: "Aight, come with me to London and do your dance on a talk show."
Alfonso: "You want me to fly all the way to London to dance like an ass on a show for 15 seconds."
Will: "It's not like you are doing anything else."
Alfonso: "Good point. I'm in."

Third - Heather Graham is doing a weird white girl head bang dance in the is hilarious. Especially since Bradley Cooper is sitting there, like a normal human, just watching.


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