Monday, May 6, 2013

The girls alliance may have failed, but a girl still took home the prize. (Interview with Big Brother Canada winner Jillian MacLaughlin)

The winner of Big Brother Canada has now arrived safely home in Halifax and I was able to catch her before she left Toronto. Jillian MacLaughlin, the 27 year old teacher originally from New Glasgow, NS, won the title on Thursday night in one of the most controversial Big Brother finales in all of franchise history. Of Friday morning I was able to chat with her after her single hour of sleep for the exciting night before.

"I really only slept for like an hour," said Jillian during our quickie phone interview. She spent the night with her family and best friend and the other cast mates. "We went back to the hotel with our friends and family. I met all of Emmett’s brothers and his family and he met my sisters and my parents. We mingled and had some drinks and went to bed."

Interesting...already meeting the family are we? Of course you know that I am referring to her hot and heavy showmance, Emmett Blois. During the beginning of the game Jillian seemed concerned with how much time she spent attached to Emmett's body and stated on occasion that she thought it may negatively impact her career as a teacher.  She doesn't seem to think it will based on what her family has told her so far about the show.

"I’ve talked to my parents, my sisters and my friend, one of my best friends, and they all said it definitely didn’t have a negative impact, they all promised me that," said Jillian. Well let's hope so...I am sure the children of Nova Scoita are dying to have one of Canada's most famous reality stars grade their math homework.

So, the real question that I wanted to ask (besides, are you going to be banging Emmett in NS - which I phrased more like 'will your romance blossom' and she said something along the lines of 'yes') was what her reaction was to the final voting debacle.

"Yeah, it’s definitely not the ideal way I would have liked to have won Big Brother Canada season 1, but at the same time it is what it is. You’re gonna have critics regardless," said Jillian about her win.

There were two different parts to the final voting situation...first was Arisa saying that Topaz voted for her, which was enough to make anyone choke on their popcorn, and then their was Topaz's objection and hold up of the show. 

What was she thinking when the vote was read?

"I was so so confused. I thought Arisa had made a mistake or she pulled someone else’s key out and said that it was Topaz’s and then she was like, “No Topaz you clearly voted” blah blah blah and I’m like, “Is this a joke?” I didn’t really think it was real," said Jillian

And then...Topaz's objection, "I was like, “Is this staged?” It wasn’t clicking in that it was real! I was like, “I’m so confused. You’ve got to be kidding me that this twist is happening right now?!"" Jillian admitted.

I think that is a pretty legit answer. I would have thought it was some kind of stunt as well with the amount of twists the Big Brother Canada producers pulled this season - I actually would have rolled my eyes and said "OK, what do we have this time?"

I have to admit that I was in a rage the night of the finale because I felt like Gary had been robbed, but once I sat back and thought about it I was very pleased.

Did you think when this show started that a female would end up winning in the end? The show was dominated by the male players. At the beginning they were picking the girls off one by one. The Quattro (as stupid as the name sounded) seemed like they could go far and everyone thought the Sheyld (which the world knew as the Shield until Peter and Alec left the house and informed us of their weird spelling) was going to take it all the way to then end. No one thought a girl could take it.

I asked Jillian about the destine for failure Girls Alliance and she said she believed in it for a day and then the girls turned on each other. So it must have made her pretty happy that a girl ended up winning it in the end.

"Ha ha. Yeah....I was actually concerned about the jury being a majority men, or should I say boys, because I don’t know – I thought they wouldn’t want to see a female win it because they wouldn’t want to look weak. I don’t know if that’s true…but I’m kind of proud a girl won this season."

Me too girl. I mean, the only girl I 150% loved in the house was Zoe Winbur, but I am glad you were able to stick it to the boys - even if it was by a Topaz brain laps.


For my FULL interview with Jillian click here.

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