Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sarah Jessica Parker says Sex and the City 3...don't rule it out.

Sarah Jessica Parker said in an interview this week that there is one more Sex and the City story to tell and if the time presents itself they should make a third movie.

The question here is not if I would go see the film (obviously I would - it's Sex and the City) it is, should they even bother? I mean, the second one was a bomb. It was pretty much an extended episode of the show. Lovely, but hardly movie material.

If the 'one story left to tell' SJP is talking about is Carrie having kids I will literally lose my mind. If it is Carrie as a 50 year old going through some kind of crisis where she thinks she needs kids and then decides against it by the end of the movie, I would be down with that.

What do you think peeps? Should they leave well enough alone or are you dying for some more SATC?


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