Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rob Ford gets air time on The Daily Show

Jon Stewart spent 6 minutes and 30 seconds of The Daily Show on Tuesday night dedicated to making fun of Toronto's Mayor Rob Ford and his crack habit. That's probably Rob Ford's greatest achievement, is it not?

Think only the first few minutes are actually laughable - the whole "all Canadians smoke crack and give BJ's for drugs" is kind of repetitive and ridiculous. Where did our love of BJs come from? That was just f-cking random Stewart. Stop it.

In other Rob Ford news, as he doesn't deserve more than one post today - Gawker launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money so they can purchase and publish the mysterious video of Ford smoking from a crack pipe. Their goal is currently $200,000 of which they have raised (at last glance) just over $129,000.

First, seriously people - you are paying for this shit? Second, I thought the asking price was $100,000. These drug dealers who are in possession of this video have DOUBLED their price? That's insanity.

There is also a note in the campaign that says if they are not able to buy the video they will give the money to some "Canadian non-profit institution that helps people suffering from drug addiction and its various consequences." So basically you are spending a ton of money to donate money and not get a tax receipt. Score.

That's all in the Rob Ford news for this evening.


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