Friday, May 17, 2013

RECAP: Series finale of The Office and the end of Dunder Mifflin

It's over.

Tonight marked the end of an era with The Office airing its series finale after 9 seasons. That is nine years of pranks on Dwight, Jim and Pam drama and stupid boss insanity. I am not sure if there is another group of cast members that could have made the open office concept so hilarious as these ones.

I will be the first to admit that the last few seasons have been a drag. After the departure of Michael Scott there was gap that could not be filled by any of its predecessors. In the third to last episode of this season Dwight becomes Manager of the branch...and it was so brilliant it made you wonder why he wasn't made the lead sooner.

The season finale ended with the documentary being aired, Dwight and Angela getting married and the rest of the employees living after the exposure of their lives. So here is the take away...

Dwight and Angela get married. Angela revealed to Dwight during his proposal in the second to last episode that her baby Philip is actually Dwight's son. At their wedding Dwight spins Angela around like a rag doll (I felt this was a necessary to point out).

Kevin gets fired by Dwight and the whole world goes "It's about time". Toby is also fired at the same time.

After being fired Toby moved to New York to write 'the great American novel'. He says he has six roommates. 

Michael Scott comes back for Dwight's wedding and is the best man. (As Jim says he can't be because the best man is supposed to be older than the groom)...Dwight says, "Michael I can't believe you came." and Michael's first line since leaving the show was "...that's what she said." He has greying hair and Pam says that he has so many pictures of his kids he has to have two phones to hold them all...he is really liking the family plan.

Oscar is the Godfather of Philip and running for office...he is annoyed that they filmed a documentary for 9 years and didn't air any of the times he made origami.

Stanley retired and is living in Florida. His wife divorced him after the show aired.

Creed turned out to be some kind of wanted drug dealer and appears in the final episode with a giant beard running from the law. In the end he is arrested.

Meredith is the same old awesome. She looks like she is wearing a brown wig. Her son is a stripper and is the person hired for Angela's bachelorette party. She reveals at the documentary panel that during the first seven years of the taping of the doc she was getting her PhD in School Psychology, but they never showed any of it.

Kelly is dating a pediatrician and brings him to Dwight and Angela's wedding. Ryan shows up with a baby that a former girlfriend left with him. Ryan feeds his baby strawberries (which it is allergic too) to get alone time with Kelly and they run off together. The pediatrician boyfriend gives the baby to Kevin to give to social services and he gives it to Nellie who says she is going to keep the kid for herself.

There is a panel for all of the people in the documentary and someone gets up to ask a question from the is Joan Cusack. She says that she admired that Erin was looking for her real parents all these years and then reveals that she is Erin's mom. (I don't know if we were supposed to be touched by this - I was just thinking, deadbeat).

Andy has become the laughing stock of the internet after a video of him surfaced crying during a failed audition for an acapella TV show. He comes back for the documentary reunion and his former co-workers watch he commencement speech that he gave to Cornell, which was good (even though he was asked to speak as a joke). He has the best line of the finale “I wish there was a way you could know you were in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.”

Darryl is living it up in Austin with the athletic agency that Jim left behind to be with Pam. He came back for the reunion and when they got in a limo he made a point of saying he'd never been in one the tone of 'I drive around in this shit all the time.'

Phyllis missed Stanley since he has retired and is trying to get the new guy who sits across from her to be his replacement by feeding him fudge. (He is also black, but leaner).

David Wallace is still in charge.

Pam is secretly trying to sell her and Jim's house because she thinks it is time for them to move to Austin to follow Jim's dream that he left behind to make things work with his family. They sell it and decide to finally let Jim become a man. ABOUT TIME.

Pam and Jim tell Dwight together that they are leaving and Dwight says they are fired...and that it's the least that he can do because at least they will get a severance of one months pay for every year they've worked with the company. I have to say, even though the spoilers gave it away early, I was extremely thrilled to see that Steve Carell made it back for the series finale. I am not sure there would have been any way for them to end the series in a good way without bringing back Michael - he was The Office.

I am so very glad that Jim and Pam ended by leaving Dunder Mifflin. I would have been extremely annoyed if Jim lived up to my expectation of being an undriven goofball...which he was for so many years, such an unattractive quality.

I am also glad that DM was left in the crazy yet capable hands of was the best ending that any fan could have hoped for.

That's all for Scranton. You will be missed.

"I thought it was weird when you picked us for a documentary, but all in all I think an ordinary paper company like Dunder Mifflin was a great subject for a documentary. There's a lot of beauty in ordinary things...isn't that the point?"


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