Friday, May 3, 2013

RECAP: And the Big Brother Canada winner is - not who Topaz thought she voted for! (VIDEO)

Shocking? Tragic? Disastrous? Clusterf-ck? 

I am trying to figure out the word to describe last night's season finale of Big Brother Canada. It's always something with this show, but this time it wasn't some twist prompted by the producers, it was Topaz (Emerald...Cubic Zirconia...whatever you would like to call her) casting her vote for the wrong person and screwing her best friend in the Big Brother Canada house out of $80,000.

In a vote of 4-3, with one vote being cast for the wrong person...Jillian walked away with the $100,000 prize. What a lame way to win. I would be so upset if I were Jillian and pissed off if I was Gary. Giant clusterf-ck.

Leading into the final vote we saw Emmett win competition number 1, Gary win competition 2 and Gary also win competition 3. In the end Gary got to choose who he took to the final two and he went with Jillian. That was kind of surprising because he loved Emmett so much, but he was in the jury house for two weeks and knew that the evictees were not a fan of Jill.

The questions that the jury members asked the final two were ridiculous and most had nothing to do with the game. Peter had the most bitter questions calling Jillian an idiot and awful player before asking her to tell them why she should win and not use Emmett or competitions in her speech. She talked about both of those was a train wreck.

They moved on from the questions and the votes were cast and we sat back to wait to see who the winner was. Arisa started to reveal the names:

AJ voted for....Gary.
Emmett voted for...Jillian.
Talla voted for...Jillian. 
Alec voted for....Gary.
Topaz voted for....Jillian.

"Wait a minute. WHAT?!"

You could see Topaz put up her hand and and start to tell Arisa that she wanted to vote for Gary. Emmett is fist pumping in front of her like a douche and Arisa is tries to explain to her that the "rules were very clear". Topaz just screwed Gary.  Topaz then comes out of the jury box and demands to see the card and claims that someone switched it."Don't do this to me." she about don't do this to Gary! GOOD GRIEF.

Poor Arisa! She had to deal with Topaz not leaving the stage and begging her to reverse the vote. Finally Arisa throws to commercial because it is clear Topaz is going to have to be forcibly removed from the building and that would be tacky TV. This is not Jersey Shore.

They come back from commercial and have a tape of Topaz voting which reveals she is just an idiot and picked Jillian's name instead of Gary. It was back to the voting.

Peter voted for...Gary.

They were at a tie. 3-3. Andrew's vote was going to be the deciding factor and he voted for Jillian.

Jillian wins, but I am not sure anyone was paying attention. They were still throwing food at their TV over the ridiculousness of the Topaz vote. I actually feel bad for Jillian - it will not be "the time Jillian won Big Brother Canada" it will be "the time Topaz screwed Gary out of $80,000."

What a way to end a season of twists. I don't know if I am more annoyed or entertained by this whole situation. I'll probably figure it out on Monday.



  1. The whole thing sucks! Gary should have won but I fault the producers for changing their voting method for the finale. All season they verbalized who they wanted OUT... This time they they had to choose who they WANTED to win. Topaz is a dumbass for not paying attention to rules and I think she's too embarrassed to admit her fault.

  2. Jillian is so smug about her default win, squawking "rules are rules" to anyone asking about her win by default, when it was clear that Topaz' intention was to vote for Gary to win.
    If rules are rules, perhaps Jillian should have been disqualified due to going overtime on her final speech.
    Maybe Emmett should have been disqualified at the point of yelling out during the final HOH challenge about the minus sign?
    What was clear is that Topaz intention was for Gary to stay, using a technicality to justify her "win".
    Jillian MacLaughlin should do the right thing and offer to split the prize with the real winner if she ever wants to salvage the Canadian public's opinion of her.

  3. "Jillian MacLaughlin should do the right thing and offer to split the prize with the real winner if she ever wants to salvage the Canadian public's opinion of her."

    ok ??


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