Monday, May 20, 2013

Movie Review: The Great Gatsby

Stunning. I mean, Baz Luhrmann's films always are. Grandiose and visual crack on the eyes. The Great Gatsby was not the remarkable masterpiece that some optimists believed that it would be, but it was hardly the giant failure that some touted. It was a Baz Luhrmann film plain and simple...

Leonardo Dicaprio was his handsome self and he played the role of the man acting like a gentleman like a pro. Halfway through the movie I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown due to Gatsby's insistence of saying 'old sport' every five seconds (and yes, I realize this is in the book, but that doesn't mean it's any less irritating). It was so painful.

Not as painful, however, as the use of Hova's music. I realize Jay Z was a co-producer of the soundtrack music for the film, but get the f-ck out of here. You know when I know it doesn't work? When I am watching a movie, completely engrossed and then something happens that reminds me I am sitting in a theatre and it smells like urine. Every time a Jay Z song played in the film it was like I was smacked in the face and back to reality. No offence to Jay, his music is legit, but it is also too recognizable to be used in a period piece.

Lana De Rey's Young and Beautiful was a different story. The tune, used in the score as well, was all over the movie. Love love loved it!

Carey Mulligan was annoying, as her character Daisey definitely called for and I loathed Tobey Maguire far more than I usually do (so, A LOT). Actually...besides Leo being sex on a stick, there were no stand outs as far as actors went in the whole film. Maybe they were overshadowed by the confetti and beautiful costumes.

Or, it could have been overshadowed because the movie was in 3D. Necessary? No, but certainly annoying.

The biggest tragedy of the movie was at the end when Gatsby is swimming and his swimsuit is fully covering his chest. I understand those prudish veils were in line with the times, but if you are allowed to play Jay Z's Izzo - then you can surely show me Leo's abs. Am I right, or am I right?

Verdict: 3.1 Stars


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