Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lea Michele selfies her 'love' for the Vancouver Canucks

It's the know what that means? The closer a team gets to Lord Stanley the more celebrities will come out of the wood works in support of a winning team in an attempt to get some press and time with people who generally don't care about their existence.

Case in point - Lea Michele from Glee tweeted this photo tonight in support of the Vancouver Canucks.

Lea is from New York. Lea is a Broadway singer/TV actor. Lea does not care about hockey. Lea is, however, dating Corey Monteith who is a Canucks fan. So not only does she fill the stereotype of celeb trying to get attention by cheering for a team, but she also fills the age old one of the girl cheering for whatever team her man is into. *annoyed sigh*

You know what else is annoying about this? That it is a selfie. As I have said before, the more selfies you take, the better your chances are of going to hell. Take note Lea Michele.

Game one of the Vancouver vs. San Jose series is on right now and it's tied. I am not willing to stay up to report the score, even though San Jose is my American home and Patrick Marleau is my hockey husband (call me). Go Sharks.


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  1. Haha oh Jes. The reason she is a Canucks fan is because she's dating Cory Monteith, a MAJOR Canucks fan, who legit is from Vancouver. Also, rumor has it that she was at the game last night? So in conclusion, GO CANUCKS GO!


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