Thursday, May 23, 2013

Interview: Rookie Blue's Missy Peregrym and Gregory Smith talk Season 4

The cop drama, Rookie Blue, will be premiering its fourth season tonight...proving once again that Thursday night is the drama machine, even in the summer.

The end of season 3 left us with a bunch of questions unanswered as Andy and Nick head off together on an undercover mission. Tonight, season 4 starts 6 months later as Andy and Nick wrap up their mission and return to 15 Division. What will become of the rookies?

I had a chance to sit down with two of the Canadian stars of the show, Miss Peregrym (Andy McNally) and Gregory Smith (Dov Epstein)...and since they finished filming season 4 in January they would know if this season was on track to be as emotional as the last.

"Yeah, I'd definitely say as emotional, but..." said Smith, "Last year there was this one swell of emotion. I mean, there was one particular kind of thing [that happened] and this year I just think it is high stakes throughout the whole season."

So what was so dramatic last season? BESIDES EVERYTHING? Well, Jerry got sliced if you recall - and died.

I had to inquire what that was like for the cast. Did they know in advance? Was it hard?

"Jerry was a really big deal," said Peregrym, "To have him die on the show was huge for everybody on the show, not just the fans...we didn't know that was gonna happen until a week before we started filming...We essentially lost a family member..."

Missy also pointed out that Jerry got an iPad when he left so he is lucky - well shoot, sign me up to get killed off on Rookie Blue, I need an iPad.

As we all know, the fans of the show were a little more than displeased with the whole situation. Smith said that he couldn't leave his house for a week after the show aired because he kept getting accosted by people in public yelling at him for Jerry getting killed off the show. Amazing.

So what is going to happen this season?

Well, Smith claims Dov is celibate, is done with the whole Crystal (sister of the kid he shot) situation and there may or may not be something between him and one of the new cops Chloe...but it's complicated. Don't worry, I asked if they were related in the show and he said no - so it's not an incest thing. (Seriously...why do I even go there?)

Andy's life situation is a little more dicey.

"[Andy] gets back and Sam has moved on professionally and personally...No one knew that it was going to be six months that we were gonna be gone...I think it's a total blow, what she finds when she gets back," says Peregrym about the relationship status between her and Sam.

I also tried to get her to admit that there was something going on with her and Nick, but she tried to lead me to believe they were undercover as a couple and all of the making out they did in the trailer was part of their duties. Not buying it.

I also asked her if she thought that Luke sent Andy on the mission with Nick to get back at Sam. She laughed at me. I said it was a totally legit question and she was like Luke wasn't around and Nick is with Gail. (Whatever, won't she be surprised when she finds out I'm right? Uh huh.)

I ALSO asked her if Andy and Luke would ever get back together and she was adimate that they would not and annoyed that people wished that they would - I gave it to her straight. It's cause he's hot, case closed.

I didn't get a lot of details on what the other characters are up to, except it sounds like Sam is a detective now and is all 'by the books' which makes Andy mad and she is 'breaking off and doing her own thing.'

There are 13 episodes season much drama can the group get up to in that amount of time? How many times will Andy and Sam get together and break up? Will Chris move to Timmins? Will Gail continue to be a betch for the rest of her existence?

You'll have to tune in to find out tomorrow night at 8 PM (MST) on Global.


For my FULL interview with Missy and Gregory CLICK HERE.

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