Friday, May 3, 2013

Interview: Gary Levy after the season finale drama - is he mad, inconsolable or feeling fabulous?

Gary Levy was the most polarizing person in the Big Brother Canada house this season and he was also the runner up, taking home a $20,000 prize. He was also the unfortunate person who ended up coming in second even though, had the votes been cast properly, he would have went home the big winner.

I got to chat with Gary the day after his big night. I am not sure why, after watching this boy in action for the past two months, I was surprised at all the energy he had on the phone first thing in the morning. He was also in the best of, amazing spirits considering the drama from the night before.

He was so gracious about his loss saying, "I always look at the positive side of everything. I’m fine, I feel like a winner and you know, honestly it is what it is and I feel fabulous."

He said that he went on the show to get as much TV time and stay on as long as possible to "be a face for every single little boy, girl and girly boy in Canada who has never seen that person on TV and I wanted to be that for them."

Wonderful. (Note: Gary didn't say anything about Glitter at all in the's like he turned his back on his go to accessory and life force.)

After the fact he was probably able to process a little more about what had happened and the gong show that erupted after Topaz realized she had voted for the wrong person. I asked him to walk me through what he was thinking.

What was going through your head when Arisa said Topaz voted for Jillian, before you knew it was a mistake?

"I knew that Topaz had a strong respect for Big Brother as a game and if you look at the stats, Jillian played a really good game. So I thought she respected Jillian as a player, she was a comp threat and she voted for her so I totally understood. 

I was like, you know what that hurt a bit Topes, but I was like I get it she was a comp threat and a competitor. So I was fine with that."

So what was going through your head after you found out it was a mistake?

"Ahhhhhhhh GOD WHY!!?? Dang. 

I talked to Topaz after and I think that she was more concentrating on trying to stick it to Jillian, like 150% and the hand movements and it kind of got a bit much and she lost track of what was really important. It happens, it’s a game. There’s a lot going on in the studio so I get mistakes happen. I think everything happens for a reason so you know, I’m totally fine with it. It wasn’t meant to be. It wasn’t written in the stars for me."

What did Topaz say to you after?

"She said she was sorry and she didn’t mean for it to happen...You know, she didn’t need to say anything. I saw it through her reaction on the show. It was so honest, it was so real and I knew that it was really just a big misunderstanding and a mistake. I just want her to be fine and just get over it."

So did you talk to Jillian after the show? Did she feel bad?

"No, Jillian doesn’t feel bad. Jillian doesn’t need to feel bad because she earned what she got. I mean she got the votes and that’s what you need to win the game. She got the votes so she got the win. I can’t hate on that. And Jillian should feel like she deserved it because she won so many competitions.

I definitely feel like I played a better game than Jillian, I will say that. But she played a good game as well."

I thought that the votes would be going either Jillian or Emmett's way going into last night. Once Gary won and got to take someone to the final two, I thought for sure it would be whoever he was up against.

Not because Gary didn't play a good game, but because he got a two week rest-bite in the jury house. This is something that I thought the jury members would consider and default to give their votes to the person who had been in the house longer.

You were in jury for two weeks and there were a lot of people on the viewing end who thought you wouldn’t get the vote because you had been in jury for so long. Why do you think that didn’t matter to the people who voted for you at the end?

I think they saw me as the competitor that I was. I mean if you look at the game I played, I played a social game, I played a physical game, I played a mental game. If you’re going to respect me as a Big Brother player I played a really good game and I think that they’re really mature and not holding it against me that I was in the jury.

I managed to win the veto and keep myself in and form an alliance that was true to me and I played the game all over again – they had no choice but to respect that. And I think they liked me as a person because I’m me – hahahaha.

When you are sitting in the chair waiting for the votes to come in, one has to be doing some math in their heads about who was going to be sending votes their way.

We all know who we thought was going to vote for who, but what did Gary think and whose vote surprised him (besides the obvious which will go down in history as the worst vote of all time)?

I thought I might get Talla’s vote. I was surprised that she voted for Jillian. And then me and her talked about it and she had told me that it was more like a pity vote, for Jillian...and then it ended up working in Jillian’s favour. I mean, IT WASN’T THE TIME FOR PITY VOTES TALLA, but I totally understand, it’s fine you know. I get it, it’s a game. 

Gary seemed to be all about the same was just a game, no hard feelings. All is fair in games and glitter.

I am positive this is not the last we will see of Gary...I am just interested who will swoop him up first.

Gary is planning on being around the big Canadian city centres this summer as he tells me that he plans on going to all of the Canadian pride weekends. FUN. May all the lovelies enjoying their respective pride weekends be on the lookout for some glitter magic.

(To read the FULL interview with Glitter Gary click here)



  1. Glitter Gary has the power of 'positive'. He's kind, generally happy and one of those people you can't help but watch! Look up Fabulous in the dictionary and yep - there's a pictre of Gary!

  2. I'm am so glad he didn't win. It was obvious production did al they could to get him to win but Topaz idiocy screwed them. I hope he just goes the fuck away never to return, but unfortunately I think that unlikely.

  3. Jillian is so smug about her default win, squawking "rules are rules" to anyone asking about her win by default, when it was clear that Topaz' intention was to vote for Gary to win.
    If rules are rules, perhaps Jillian should have been disqualified due to going overtime on her final speech.
    Maybe Emmett should have been disqualified at the point of yelling out during the final HOH challenge about the minus sign?
    What was clear is that Topaz intention was for Gary to stay, using a technicality to justify her "win".
    Jillian MacLaughlin should do the right thing and offer to split the prize with the real winner if she ever wants to salvage the Canadian public's poor opinion of her.


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