Sunday, May 5, 2013

Interview: Canadian Pop singer Kristina Maria

Kristina Maria. You may think you don’t know her, but you probably do. If you listen to the radio chances are you have heard one of her catchy pop tunes Our Song Comes On, CoPilot or Karma.

Hailing from Ottawa, the Canadian singer has had a pretty successful early stage in her career. Her first album, Tell the World, was released just over a year ago and picked up a Pop Album of the Year JUNO nomination.

She is in good hands working with manager Vito Luprano who has worked with the likes of Celine Dion…I’d say you can’t get much better than that. Having Luprano in your corner can open doors to all sorts of opportunities. Her first is writing with some of the best in the business. Which lead to writing a song featuring JC Chaze. I know he is no Justin Timberlake, but he was definitely the second best NSYNC-er of the group.

“My manager worked with Celine 20 something years ago, he’s a big deal and stuff, so naturally I started co-writing with the people that write for her and that write for NSYNC, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys,” said Kristina

She then went on to say that she was speaking with one of the writers and had an idea for the song Animal, “…and he said “You know who would bring a good groove to this song? My friend JC Chaze.” And I was like “You bring him on over.” So basically we just started working from there.”

The first song I ever heard from Kristina was the French/English version of her song Co-Pilot with Quebec singer Corneille. Kristina is French so she wanted to make a song for French people…it also helped in getting her noticed in Europe.

Co-Pilot is an English song that I co-wrote and we wanted to do something for the French world and so finally we brought in Corneille,” said Kristina, “I have been listening to him since I was 10. He is like the Usher of the French people, so he’s a big deal. So we did the song together and in France it just went huge.”

The Usher of the French world? I would laugh, but that’s kind of awesome. Do they have The Voice in France? They should get this guy in it – or is he only big in Montreal? Someone please feel free to email me in regards to this.

Being a Canadian pop artist that doesn’t have the backing of the Biebs seems like it may be impossible, but all things considered, I think Kristina Maria is going to be just fine.

Up next she is going to be putting out another album. “We’re already in the studio working on more tracks and the new single that is not on the album called You Don’t Have the Right to Cry. I think it’s going to show off a little more of the vocal ability,” said Kristina.

No word on when that will come out.

If you are in Montreal on May 24 you can catch Kristina Maria at the Corona Theatre. Tickets here.


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