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Interview: Big Brother Canada's Peter Brown talks food aversion, hating everyone and non-live evictions

Big Brother Canada is over, but there are still questions to be answered and houseguests to drill.

As you are well aware, I was Team Peter from day one because of our people aversion (aka. general irritation caused by the general populous). As the game progressed Canada got a little sick of Peter and Alec thinking they were God's gift to the BB Canada house and then his seemingly poor loser speech during the finale tipped the scale. Due to my adoration of douchey men, I was unfazed by the situation.

Yesterday I posted part of my interview with Big Brother Canada's Peter Brown where he told me the jury house plan about "Anyone but Jillian" for the win and Jillian's reaction. I fully understand my part played in making Peter look like a total d*ck, but I will attempt to redeem myself.

Yes, Peter looked like a poor loser after the finale, but he also had some good things to say about his housemates and the tough challenges he faced while in the house. Obviously I started by asking him if he ended up hating everyone in the house as he assumed he would.

"Ha ha, yeah, I hated most people in the house at one time or another," said Peter, "...I actually expected to really actually hate everyone and then you’re in there and you kind of become a family. And like any family you like them some days and dislike them other days. ...I didn’t end up hating everybody as I expected."
See, Peter has a soul. 

As a super fan of the show coming in, I had to wonder what Peter thought about some of the things that the production team of the Canadian version did.

One of the bigger nuisances of this season was the fact that none of the eviction shows were aired live - thus leading to people finding out who was voted out before the show aired every single week. Even the finale was pre-taped, which was tragic to viewers.
"Sometimes it’s better because you know, who would have known what would have happened had it been authentically live and Topaz would have done that thing?" said Peter,
"It would have been a complete mess. I’m OK with it being taped. If the spoilers got out it’s unfortunate, BUT it would generate interest for people to be like, “OK, did this really happen?” Then you have to tune in to see what the process was. Sometimes it’s like finding out the score of the game and then still having to watch the game to see how it unfolded. I guess that would be a fair approximation."
Shut your face Peter. I think you need to think about what you are saying here - do YOU like watching sports games after they air and you know the score? I highly doubt it. He would have been enraged if he was a viewer, guaranteed.

We talked briefly about his diary room yelling. I told him we were all aware that he knew he was yelling because Alec told him, but why did he continue to do it?

He said something along the lines of 'that's how I am on my YouTube channel', but I honestly think he just did it to piss people off. But that is my own personal opinion (because that would be awesome).

Not everything was a joke with Peter. You may recall his serious food aversion which had him eating about 5 different things in the house and missing out on all of the housemeals.

It was interesting to see people online talking about knowing people with the same disorder and really opening up a dialogue. Some people were furious when Peter had the challenge to eat salad or the whole house went on slop. Some thought the producers were crossing a line.
"No, I don’t think it was crossing a line," said Peter, "I knew that there were risks in doing things that you might not want to do going into the Big Brother game, but…I didn’t have to do anything.
I chose to do that because I didn’t want to be on slop for another week and I didn’t want anyone else to be on slop for another week... I understand that it looks ridiculous that a grown man can’t eat a salad, but I don’t really like food so it was pretty hard for me to do."
...The fact that it opened up discussion about people who have food aversion or selective eating disorder, I think it’s fantastic. I’ve struggled with it my entire life and I would be more than happy to talk to anybody who suffers from the same problem."
Cool. I am holding you to this Peter. Parents of picky eaters everywhere are going to be banging down your door.

And speaking of Peter's door...where is he going to be living after this? There were multiple times in the house that Alec and Peter talked about moving in together once they got back to Vancouver. Was this still going to happen?
"Yeah, I am in need of a new place and so is Alec," said Peter, "We will definitely be friends for life...we will definitely be looking at the options to move in together. I understand our moms want us to move in together as well, which is adorable. But we’ll see when we get back to Vancouver what awaits."
That's the end of the Big Brother Canada road for Peter. He may return in a future season, but that is not for sure.

I think he thinks he'll be back in some kind of heroes vs. villains season, as a villain of course, but I'm not so sure. I think Pete is actually nicer that he tries to portray himself as. Trust me Peter, I know the people hating type...and you are not a full fledged member of our society.


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