Monday, May 13, 2013

How we met the Mother! Ted's wife finally revealed.

We have finally met the mother!

Cristin Milioti was revealed as the mysterious woman with the yellow umbrella tonight during the last few seconds of the season 8 How I Met Your Mother finale. She requested a train ticket just as she put the yellow umbrella on the ticket counter.

And then it was over.

Kind of anti-climactic if you ask me. I think we were all interested to see if she was going to be someone well known, but the co-creators Carter Bay and Craig Thomas were very atimendt about getting someone who was unknown. No preconceived notions.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Ted will not be meeting his bride to be until later in the final season. Ugh, I hope that's not true. We waited 8 years just to get a look at her face!

One more season left of How I Met Your Mother, I am already planning ahead for my life without Barney Stinson. It is going to be a cold and lonely time.


Side note: She kind of looks like Lily. Just sayin.

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  1. I think she kind of looks like female Ted in the way that people say people who have been married for a long time just start to look like each other...I really don't know what to say. I feel like the big reveal should have been bigger. Like come on, we've been waiting for this day for EIGHT years!


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