Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Coach to return to New Girl? Damon Wayans Jr. fans cross their fingers

There may be a silver lining for fans of Damon Wayans Jr.

As you may recall, Wayans played Coach in the pilot episode of New Girl, but then had to leave the show because Happy Endings got picked up for a surprise second season. Lamorne Morris then replaced him as the token black roommate and now we have the lovable Winston.

I always liked that Morris didn’t come in as Coach, which meant that maybe some time in the future Wayans could reprise his roll as the intense roommate with a little bit of a rage problem.

Now that Happy Endings may be at the end of the line (don’t worry fans…USA Network is still trying to work it out to save your show) after being axed by ABC, it’s possible that we may see a comeback of Coach. AMAZING.

TV Line stated that Jake Johnson, who plays Nick on New Girl, said he would be thrilled to see Coach return to the loft “There would be such funny episodes with the Coach seeing what’s happened in the past two years since he’s [been] gone.”


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