Wednesday, May 29, 2013

4 Years of Xs and Os

Today I bring you the mandatory blog anniversary/birthday/(whatever you call the day when you start a website) post.

Next year this magical internet destination turns five and I might really decide to shake it up. Full body reconstruction.

Or...maybe I will completely change it and turn the site into a place where I can upload pictures of old people looking like thugs and call it – The Godfathers of Bling. That would be pretty rad right? If someone steals my idea before next May I am going to be pretty pissed.

In honor of the occasion I will engage in an afternoon of 'day-drinking'. Please help me figure out which booze to spike my coffee with my clicking on the poll below. Your input is important and APPRECIATED.

Cheers to at least one more year. *Raises coffee mug and waits patiently for this poll to close so she can drink something booze infused*



  1. Congratulations. Four years of laughter!

  2. Yah Jes! Cannot believe it has been that long already.

  3. Congrats Jes! Thanks for giving me 4 years of a reason to get up every day (well that and our friendship of course). Here's to another many splendid years!

  4. No I missed this. Does my vote still count? YOLO! He he.


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