Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What Gus Van Sant did to try to get the job behind the Fifty Shades of Grey lens

Casting rumours for the Fifty Shades of Grey have been running rampant since 40 year old housewives discovered the the most poorly written best seller of all time. I think we all can agree that the only thing the success of this series shows us is that the prim and proper ladies just need to get their kink on and stop hiding in their conservative closets. If this happens, then maybe we can avoid any successful literary catastrophes like this one in the future. Maybe.

Continuing on. So, the casting rumours have been floating around since the beginning, but less talked about is who was going to sit in the directors chair. Please take note that according to sources of The Wrap, Gus Van Sant would like to oversee this beat down and in has filmed a sex scene starring Alex Pettyfer and some chick to show what he could do to the job.

Is this how directors are getting hired these days? Soft core porn? Interesting.

Sources also note that Pettyfer was not cast in the role for the movie, just the audition. Well, that is the closest anyone else has gotten, is that not right? I would say I'd hate for Pettyfer to get the role because he is one of those people that Hollywood is trying to make hot but he isn't- but I am not going to watch this movie so why do I care if they cast a dud as the lead?


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