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The Untelevised portion of the JUNO Awards, what 35 trophies you missed getting handed out

Jian Ghomeshi hosting. Image Credit:
The JUNO Awards weekend is well under way and last night was the untelevised portion of the awards. In total 35 of the 44 awards were given out at the Gala to some of Canada's best.

CBC's Jian Ghomeshi was the host of the evening, bring his usual dry hilarious humour to the mix. He said his dad said that Michael Buble was going to be a better host than him. Laughter. He also talked about Justin Bieber's most recent trip to Amsterdam and the negative press he got...then he said that other Canadian bands go to Amsterdam and don't even go visit the house...stoners.

Dean Brody, Colin James, Kira Isabella, Donny Parenteau, The Tenors, Rose Counsins, Monster Truckand Adam Cohen performed and multiple nominees and attendees presented awards.

That was the Gala.

Stunning, right?
Back in the press room the winners came in at a steady flow and answered some non-grilling questions. Nothing too hard, because Canadians are nice and we don't like to make people uncomfortable.

The star of the press room was not any of the winners surprisingly, it was 10 year old Hannah Alper, this year's Juno Eco-Blogger. She was this tiny little kid asking thoughtful 'how can you change the world questions' like a pro. I was embarrassed that I hadn't pre-planned any questions. Kid killed it.

There was a brief stint where Larry Leblanc, music writer who was given the Walter Grealis Special Achievement Award who came back and went off about how bad the JUNOs are how they don't properly represent the Canadian music scene. It was strange, kind of offside and very entertaining. He also said the 'Complicated' girl was challenging to interview. Oh Avril.

Classified and David Myles, Rap Recording of the Year
Classified and folk singer David Myles, both representing for the Maritimes, won for Rap Recording. This was Myles' first JUNO and he proclaimed "I didn't think my first JUNO would be for Rap Recording of the Year." It was quite cute. Whatever David, you love it.

The Tenors won the Adult Contemporary Album category. If you are into music with class you are probably aware of these may also know them from an episode of the recent season of the Real Housewives of Vancouver where they performed at Ioulia's birthday party. On the show it seems that Ioulia is trying to get them to sign her 'ladies' and the guy get weirded out and leave.

Tenors accepting their JUNO. Image Credit:
So I asked them what the deal was with that...did they sign them? What was going on there. Tenor member Clifton Murray said that there may have been a little bit of editing magic there and insinuated that they were actually never asked to sign anything. When I asked them if they would have signed them if asked someone responded that they were good Catholic boys. Nice.

Foiled by the TV edit once again. Not that that has anything to do with music (I mean, theirs can speak for itself), but I know all the ladies in the room wanted to asked the question so I couldn't help myself.

Tonight we will talk to some of the televised more reality TV questions, promise.

Some of the notable winners include:
  • Artist of the Year: Leonard Cohen
  • Breakthrough Artist: The Weeknd
  • Country Album: Johnny Reid
  • Alternative Album: Metric
  • Pop Album: Carly Rae Jepsen
  • Rock Album: Rush
  • Rap Recording: Classified and David Myles
  •  R&B/Soul: The Weeknd
  • Video of the Year: Drake (HYFR)
For a full list of winners from the JUNOs Gala click here.

The televised JUNO Awards Air tonight at the following times: Atlantic Canada: 9PM AT (live), ON/QC: 8PM ET (live), SK: 6PM CT (live), MB/AB: 8PM CT/MT, BC - 8PM PT.


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