Friday, April 12, 2013

The fauxmance is out after the second Double Eviction! Q and A with Topaz Brady and Alec Beall

Showmance doom on double eviction night strikes again! Yesterday on Big Brother Canada the ill fated showmance/fauxmance, Topaz and Alec, got sent to the jury house.

Alec was originally placed on the block with his Shield partner, Peter. He made yet another dumb move when he threw the PoV competition allowing Peter to win. Usually when smart people do weird things like that it is because they have some kind of master plan, so I guess Alec's was to go to the jury house.

After using the PoV on himself, Topaz was named the replacement nominee and Peter did his best to try and save his plotting friend, but in the end Alec was the first on out of the house in a 3-1 vote. Not surprising to anyone, well...maybe to Alec because he just didn't understand how he managed to not outsmart anyone still in the house.

(Read the read of the recap and Q and A after the jump!)

It was revealed that there would be a double eviction. The HoH competition was true or false and Emmett came out on top...this time as a real victor and not a cheat. Obviously his HoH was short lived as he had to nominate immediately and then give up the HoH for the next week.

He nominated Talla and Topaz and the house unanimously voted to let Topaz go sleep somewhere where alarms wouldn't wake her.

Alec seemed disappointed in himself when he was interviewed by Arisa. Coming in 7th didn't seem acceptable. After he had time to step away from the cyanide pill that I am sure he had on reserve if he failed his life long mission, he answered some more questions.

On Jillian's promises:
I wish she would have promised that I was going that week, so that I surely would have stayed. Lol.

On what would have happened if he kept AJ:
If I kept AJ, I would have skated to final two but with Andrew, it made things exciting. I wanted to see what he would do.

On his alliance with Peter (and Peter's Diary Room voice):
...We made every decision together, I was just the louder one. Except in the Diary Room when he almost burst my ear drum.

On his competence in the game:
It came very easily to me and I realized it was incredibly easy to get the people to do what I wanted because fear was motivating them. However, I also always thought I could talk myself out of any situation. In the last week, there was nothing I could do and I tried everything to stay. I should have just napped.

On if Dr. Will would think he was a loser:
I think he would be disappointed that I came in 7th!

What he would like his fans to do if they see him on the street:
If you're a fan and you live in Vancouver and see me on the street, throw up the Shield sign to say hi!

So that was Alec. You can read the whole interview here. It reeks of someone with a delusional know, for a guy that came in 7th out of 15.

Next out the door was Topaz (RIP Cubic Zirconia). She somewhat expected Peter to use the PoV on her, but that would mean that he would basically have to align with her for the rest of the game and...well, that would have been a poor choice.

She walked out the door and answered some questions on her way to the jury house.

On Peter not using the PoV on her:
That actually did surprise me – it was the second most hurtful thing that happened to me, after having my alliance not vote with me during the Instant Eviction.

On giving a direct/concise answer to any question:
It’s something I can’t explain...I can’t pinpoint one thing...I have too many to even pin down at the moment!

On being on the block with Gary:
I have never felt so defeated or low, knowing one of us was definitely going home.

On getting Alec's iPod taken away:
I was upset at the time too, but it didn’t serve me well to not comfort him for losing a luxury item, especially when it was my fault.

On her love of the 'day sleep' aka napping:
It was actually a part of my strategy because I thought it would make the target on my back smaller by making me appear less engaged...It made people more fun to talk to because I had a break to make things new again.

On Gary:
I trusted him completely – I never doubted it. 

You can read Topaz's interview in full here.

I would really like for someone to interview these two AFTER they watch all of the episodes...especially Topaz. Once she sees all of the smack Alec was talking about her in the DR I am sure she will go gangster on his behind and slice him.

It may not be the end of the line for both of them though...Arisa announced at the end of the show last night that Canada is going to be voting to bring someone back into the house - to play.

My money is on Gary. No, wait sorry - let me be more precise, my inheritance is on Gary coming back. If they put in someone else they are lunatics and this show should not see a season two.


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