Wednesday, April 10, 2013

RIP Buckwild: MTV Cancels reality show after death of Shain Gandee

MTV has opted to cancel its Jersey Shore replacement show, Buckwild, after the death of one of its stars on April 1. After Shain Gandee's unfortunate passing MTV suspended production of the show, its fate then unknown.

Sources have confirmed to E! that MTV has decided to pull the plug on the show which was in the middle of shooting its second season after the incident occurred.

West Virginians can breath a sigh of relief that MTV will probably now turn their attention to another group of rowdy teens in another state to fill their much loved booze and drama filled 'unscripted' reality show time slot.

Gandee was the most polarizing cast member on that show, I can't remember the names of the other ones (except there was a guy that liked to refer to himself as Justin Bieber...I think). Chances of any of the other cast members doing anything public beyond this show is highly unlikely. You have probably seen the last of those kids.


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