Friday, April 19, 2013

Peter Brown answers some questions after his eviction from the Big Brother Canada house

Last night on eviction night Peter Brown was evicted from the Big Brother Canada house. I had been on Team Peter from day one, but as time went on my fondness for Peter dropped. He went from a quirky gamer to a cocky boy with a chip on his shoulder. I will never understand people getting kicked out of the game and saying that it was because they were playing with stupid people. Isn't part of the game figuring out how people play and manipulating that? Not how they 'should' be playing.

Besides Alec, Peter was the biggest fan of the game coming into the house. All of the game knowledge helped those two, but it also hindered them because they were idolizing people who had played the game more than once with others who had done the same. I think they both needed to get their heads out of Big Brother US and into Big Brother Canada.

Peter was up on the block against Talla and knew that he was going to jury. He started towards the stairs before Arisa even said his name...and one would think he would continue on up, but he sat down and then started to say something that was so confusing I don't remember it. It was the strangest Big Brother exit I have ever seen.

Of course, after Peter left Big Brother had to flip the switch on the houseguests again and bring someone back into the house. Gary, of course, was voted back in by Canada and reentered the house a couple minutes after Peter left. Although I knew it was going to happen, I still shrieked. I will say however, it was a very anti-climactic reentry. First, he didn't have a mic so we couldn't hear him and it was just really confusing. He should have pulled a Rachel - "I'm BAAAAAAACK!"

After Peter left the house he answered some questions in detail about his time in the house. Here is a short wrap of the questions. For a full read click here.

On Alec...
We're both wacky goofballs. We both love, respect, and understand the show. There were a lot of boring people in the house and Alec wasn't boring.

On Liza...
Liza has a very high opinion of herself and so do I. Liza's problem was that she played way too hard, way to fast but she still understood what was going on and I respected that. I was also attracted to Liza. Physically, obviously. But it was more of an intellectual connection.

On slop...
Slop was very deflating. I had no energy. It was incredibly difficult. I have a limited diet already, so to be forced to eat slop was a nightmare.
On what he learned...
Even though I don't love food in my real life, I learned to appreciate it in the Big Brother Canada house. Other than that, I learned nothing.

On not using the PoV on Topaz...
My reasoning was to show loyalty to Emmett and hope to gain the trust of Jillian because they both viewed Topaz as a threat. Best decision at the time, to form loyalty to them, but in retrospect, it appears to have been the incorrect choice.

On playing the game again...
In the second time around, my goal would be to eliminate the emotional people so that I eliminate their threat to make emotional decisions later in the competition. I would keep the cerebral people because I would know how to rational their decision in the later stages of the competition.

On the game...
I respect the show. I don't hold any individual responsible. The house always wins.

I have a feeling Peter's YouTube monologue about his experience is going to be a little more entertaining.

Peter has a good run, but in the end majority rules.


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