Monday, April 1, 2013

Interview: Big Brother Canada's Suzette Amaya and AJ Burman

Suzette and AJ had a few things in common on the Big Brother Canada show, which may have lead to them both being evicted from the house on the same day.

They were both not physical players and, according to the diary room recordings of multiple houseguests, their quirks could sometimes be unbearable annoyances in the house. They were also two of the few houseguests that were not in a showmance.

I am not sure what Suzette's game play was going to be coming into the house - she was the oldest woman in the house and the only person with a significant other and children. There wasn't really anyone that was lining up to be in an alliance with her and after winning HOH on the first day, she didn't make a lot of fans with the houseguests.

AJ was a little bit socially awkward and seemed to only bond with Andrew. From Andrew's own admission he became friends with AJ out of necessity because all the young guys had their 'bro' thing and AJ was the only person he could talk to. AJ was put up twice as a pawn...and the house swore to him that he was not going home. Unfortunately, at some point the pawn does go home - or to the jury house, which is where AJ was headed to after his surprise instant eviction.

I was able too get some questions to Suzette and AJ who are now free from the chaos and cameras.

For Suzette I was curious if Suzette thought that the first week HOH win was the downfall of her game or if she still would have been a target because she was a weak player.

"I think that if I wasn't HoH, that would have bought me a little more time to have been more social with everyone in the house rather than being stuck in the HoH room and being disassociated. I would have loved to have used those boys as personal trainers to build my physical strength! The boys did see me as a mental threat. They told me that to my face. I think either way, I sort of was the odd man out from the get go."

I am sure they would have taught you how to work out if you asked...did you see them trying to help AJ? The obstacle course of pool noodles? I am sure you would have been a welcomed client.

Suzette was always making pretty good observations about the people in the house so I wanted to know who she thought was going to make it to the final two and who she wished would get there.

"I think Alec and Peter will be in the Final 2, but I would love to see Gary rise above everything and hopefully there will be twists and turns and he can get up to that level."

You and me both Suzette, although I would like to see Gary make it there on his own without the help of production. I don't think there is a twist left in the house that will save Gary - they used it on you!

Suzette knew that she was going home, but AJ was not so lucky. We find out if he was surprised by the houses decision to get rid of him and keep a strong player like Andrew.

"I’m not surprised. I knew Andrew had a lot of friends in the house as well, and a lot of people who wanted to play with him. I was surprised by Topaz’ decision – if she wanted to get Andrew out of the house I was probably not the right person to put up against him."

So was being kicked out of the house his worst moment? And what about his best?

"The worst moment was leaving the house, definitely. I’d say one of the best moments was Talla and Topaz’ kiss – that definitely comes to mind first! The obstacle course was fun too."

Oh the obstacle course...that and the purple hoodie will be the classic AJ reminders of BB Canada season 1.

Now that the two on-again-off-again nominees are out of the house the house is going to have to start putting up some of their own. We will see who will join AJ in the jury house on Thursday night.


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