Monday, April 29, 2013

Insight Productions to bring you America Eh!...a show where Canadians make fun of Americans

The people who brought you Big Brother Canada and will soon be bringing you The Amazing Race Canada are going where everyone goes in the comfort of their own homes...but not usually on TV.

Insight Productions is going to producing a show called America Eh! which will be segment after segment of Canadians making fun of Americans.

It could be amazing...remember Rick Mercer's Talking to Americans? It was by far the best piece of television to come out of CBC...ever. So I could see why they would think that a show where writers just make fun of Americans would be a good idea.

"Nobody is more equipped or better at making fun of Americans than Canadians," said John Brunton, Chairman and CEO, Insight Productions. "Our friends to the south are a constant source of inspiration, especially for comedy...and we know they can take it because they just keep on doing it!" 

I think it's a great idea, if they actually go hard on them. If it's just filtered fluffy stuff I'd be pretty disappointed.


You just can't beat Rick...

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