Friday, April 26, 2013

Ian Somerhalder's new movie Time Framed looks like a bundle of terrible

I'd say this is a textbook case of trailer fail. Some trailers are so good they make the worst movies seem bearable and then you curse them when you leave the theatre and the movies best parts were in the 2 minute trailers. I have never not wanted to watch a movie so badly in my life.

The premise looks good...current...dangerous...etc. Ian Somerhalder can't get by on his good looks forever and the brief snippet of the writing that we hear is just atrocious. This is just bad bad bad.

Go back to Vampire town Ian...this just isn't going to be your big break, or any kind of a break into movies.



  1. Good lord, I can't pin on what makes this trailer so amateur. It looks like a film student tried to make a Bond film.

  2. ian is the bestest u=yall fuckers just jealous of sexiness !!!11 Jensen ackles for the win too so yall niggas need jesus bc hes fabulouws and he can get by pnb on his looks all he wants just cuz you look like a freaking aborted furby I hope u all get bum bum peace fucktards


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