Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hey Ocean! wants you in their new music video for Make Up a New Dance

Music videos involving fans come out every once in a while and most people are left wondering - who are these people and how did they get in this video? It's call fan submissions...generally the band will put out a call for video submissions to be a part of the video they are creating and they take the best of the best for their final cut.

These happen more often than you think, but most of the time you don't even know it's happening. Luckily for you, I like to inform the masses of these opportunities.

Hey Ocean!, the pop band from Vancouver is making a music video for their song Make Up a New Dance and they are requesting fan videos.

Let's see your moves!


Join our film crew. Upload a video of you dancing to "Make A New Dance Up" & you'll be part of our interactive video! Deadline to submit is April 15

This video is dedicated to Benjamin. He's an amazing 2-year-old superhero currently battling cancer. We have been following his story here.

Ben's Grandma wrote to tell us that our album has been bringing them smiles throughout the tough times. We'd like to respond by making this video with your help.

As you can see the deadline is FAST approaching. For more information and to upload your video click here.

If you are going to get in on a video might I suggest this one? Besides the fact that this song is super cute, Hey Ocean! is one of my favourite underexposed Canadian bands out there and it is probably in your best interest to get on their bandwagon before it is full of posers.


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