Monday, April 8, 2013

Here's to Never Growing Up, new single from Avril Lavigne (LISTEN)

Oh, you think my failure to mature as an an artist or person over my decade long career is some kind of disappointment? Well, kiss my ass.  - I would think that Avril Lavigne's inner thoughts sounded something like this when she was writing Here's to Never Growing Up.

If you remember over a decade ago when the little skater girl first came on the scene with Complicated we were all like, "Yay! You are 17, Canadian and fun!" Then she went a little darker with her next album and we were like, "Emo is in."

She went away for a little while and reemerged with a more pop sounding album and we were like, "Um, 17 year old Avril doing this was fine - 22 year old Avril, not so much." ...and then she released another album that little to no one paid attention to.

Now she is about to release another album and this is her first single. It sounds like something that could have been on album number one and my 15 year old self would have probably really enjoyed it. So I guess it is a home run right? Her audience is still the same demo that it was ten years ago - the suburban tweens with a little bit of a rebellious streak and sharpie tattoos.

I will admit that I was a fan of Avril back in the day and have even bobbed my head along to her CanCon regulated air time on the radio  in recent years, but she hasn't done anything to wow me in eons...and I am really not THAT hard to please, my favorite band is the Backstreet Boys for crying out loud.

It is possible that there will be a gem on her new album that I can rally behind, but if this song is any indication I will probably end up saying it is a disappointment, making some kind of snide comment about her kool-aid hair and her engagement to Chad Kroeger and then moving onto the rest of the daily news.


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